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West Wisconsin Ave Creational Trails

No description

James Carlson

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of West Wisconsin Ave Creational Trails

The Avenue:
Creational Trails, Night Market
Walking tour
Project Plan
John R
* James C - Polyplane - producer
Nick M - Polyplane - curating
Daniel F -
Cynthia H - Ayzha Fine Arts - project manager
Cyndi T - CAM - 4MKE (4th / Wisconsin) - facilitation
Maggie J - CAM - 4MKE (4th / Wisconsin) - producer
Sarah Luther -
Sara D - Creational Trails consultant for NEWaukee - hugs
Sarah D - True Skool - director
Paul Druecke -
* Evelyn Patricia Terry - Producer for "Luv Downtown Street Sculptures"
* Ayla Boyle - Artist - Dreamcatcher
Paul Bestul - Artist - Moire Pavilion
Wes Tank - Videographer for whole project
Cortney Heimerl - curating for market vendors
* Tim Syth - Polyplane - community integration
Jer - NEWaukee - project manager
Rita - NEWaukee - project manager
Brad - Collaborate with Cynthia H on "Ayzha Fine Arts"
sunglass guy
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