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Harris and Me - Realistic Fiction

No description

Dawn Ewing

on 16 February 2013

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Transcript of Harris and Me - Realistic Fiction

Harris and Me Characters Plot structure Arrives at farm Text-to-text Text-to-self Text-to-world STATS: Author - Gary Paulsen Copyright - 1995 Publisher - A Yearling Book Type of Literature: Realistic Fiction A 11 year old boy from the city is placed with distant relatives on a farm. The "Me" character never reveals his name but is written from his point of view. The farm is filled with animals that "Me" encounters in hilarious ways. While the book only lasts throughout the summer it creates a life time of memories. Harris and Me begins in the 1950's. Setting "Me" Harris Knute Larson Louie Glennis Larson Clair Larson 11 year old city boy
offspring of "puke drunks"
completely ignorant of farm life = injuries, lots of them
Learns about: family, friendship, and hard work 9 year old cousin of "me"
constantly smacked for swearing "Me's" uncle
Rarely speaks
Is incredibly strong Farmhand
Voracious appetite
has pet lynx
Just a tad crazy Harris' older sister
Tries to curb Harris' vulgar tongue by smacking his head Harris's mom
Great cook
Tender heart Survival of intro to farm Acceptance and belonging Epilogue What happens at the end of the book - but I can't spoil it Side Note Harris and Me was #65 in the National Education Association's Teacher's Top 100 books in 2007. City boy gets first look at farm and wonders what he's gotten into Learns how to eat
Gets an animal education
Finds out Tarzan was a fake
Expands his vocabulary to include words like "gooner"
Learns how to "dip a cow" and what happens when one pees on a electric wire. Realizes that education can go both ways Rising action Climax Falling Action This book reminds me of the offbeat humor in the book They Shoot Canoes, Don't They, written by Patrick McManus.
Uncontrollable laughter
Body humor
Foul language
Pranks, stinks and winks The character "Me" experiences culture shock when he arrives from the city to a new world, the farm.
That makes me think of our trip to Australia and all of the blunders we made. (Did you know that they not only drive on the left side of the road they also walk to the left instead of the right?)
We also picked up some new sayings from Australia like "fair dinkum" or "flat out like a lizard drinking."
"Me" learns how to take a washing machine motor and attach it to a bike for a little bit more speed The culture shock of the book makes me think of what immigrants must have felt like (and still do) when they first came to this country. How different everything is the language, customs, education, and culture. The End!!! Quotes: "Man, you don't know nothing, do you?" [Ch 2 & 4] Once Harris discovers how little "Me" knows about farm life the adventure begins. Clair says to "Me" - "Don't let Harris talk you into anything wild." [Ch 3] Quote: During the rising action "Me" had no idea just how crazy Harris was and at what lengths he would go to "educate" his city cousin. "Me" writes "Caught up in the enthusiasm I actually started to follow him. Right here several things went wrong." [Ch 8] This is one of the turning points because Me realizes that following Harris is not the best choice. His eyes stopped moving and I saw him start chewing his bottom lip. It was a habit I'd come to know as an indication that we would soon be in trouble- or more trouble than normal - but one that I also had come to view with some excitement." [Ch 11] This represents falling action, the characters have evolved and now understand each other. However, it does not diminish the action or anticipation of daredevilry.
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