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Early Human Civilization

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gabriella cid

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Early Human Civilization

Early Human Civilization
What led to migration was that when water or food became hard to find . Groups of people would have to move to a new ares.
Neolithic Revolution
The domestication of plants led to the developement t of agriculture or farming.For the first time people could produce thier own food. This developement changed human society forever. The change that occured was the domestication of plants and animals enabled people to use plant fibers to make cloth. The domestication of animals made it to use wool from goats and sheep and skins from horses for clothes. They started raising crops.
Early Humans Adaptations
Early Human Societies
New Technolgy
New technolgy that developed as a result of migration was hooks, fishing spears, bow and arrow, canoes, pottery, pets, clothing, and shelter.
Migration was about hundred of thousands of years ago.They moved from Southeast Asia and to Europe.
Mesolithic Era
language was important to the Mesolithic Era, scientist said it was used to make hunting easier and to build relationships , or to resolve issues.
Early humans harnessed fire. The group that archeologists and arthropoligist believe had the ability to control fire was Homo erectus. The ability to harness fire was a turning point for humans because they used it to keep warm and to cook food. They adapted to making tools like hand ax,and a flint knife. They adapted to drawing, they used drawing to communicate , and make relationships. they also gathered fruits, seeds, plants, etc. They hunted together, the men only hunted, the women protected the children.
The society early humans formed was a hunting society. There was groups of men who hunted together. This was more safe then hunting alone. The women was a hunter - gathering society. They took responsibility for plants and taking care of children.
Early human Migration
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