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Peking Man

No description

Zachary Wheeler

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Peking Man

Peking Man ThE pEkiNg MaN iS tHe olDEsT foRm Of hUmaN eVEr DiScoVerEd This fossil was found near Beijing, China at a site called Zhoukoudian in the early 1920's. Recent Evidence of Peking Man's Age The peking man was originally thought to have lived about 500,000 years ago, but new evidence shows that they more likely lived 750,000 years ago. Fossils found include skulls, teeth, skeletal bones, jaws, and several stone tools. The majority of the fossil study was done by Dr. Davidson Black, a Canadian antropologist, until he died in 1934. The site where the peking man fossils were found. Over 100 people were hired daily to help excavate the fossils. Replica of peking man skull. Statue of peking man. One theory states that almost all human ancestors migrated out of Africa. The Peking man is one of those ancestors. Some of the original fossils were lost at sea during World War II. The remains of over 40 individuals were found at the site near Zhoukoudian Excavations continued as recently as May of 2009. I would create a day to celebrate the discovery of the peking man. It should be a party for paleantologists and scientists and anyone interested in this discovery. The fossils are important because they reveal information about where people came from and how they survived in order for us to evolve into what we recognize as humans today. There would be many fun activities, such as making and then using bows and arrows. The main event would be held at the site where the peking man was found. This is how Peking Man Day would work. By Zachary Wheeler
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