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Tarea Ian

No description

Ninna Araus Quiroga

on 10 August 2013

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Transcript of Tarea Ian

Ian Araus C. 5º grade

Perry, the Platypus
My Favorite cartoon
Perry is a platypus. A
semi-aquatic mammal,
he wear a hat and has a

He is very intelligent.
His hands are small, and
he has a duck leg.
He looks like...
Perry is very serious,
brave, smart and lovely.
Perry's personality
He is a secret agent. His enemy is doctor
Hains Doofenshmir who wants to catch the bordering area, but agent P always stop him.
What he does?
To sleep, beacause
he always
must to stop
his enemy
He doesn't like
His friends are Phineas and Ferb. He loves them so much
Perry is my favorite cartoon, because he fight and protect the city in secret.
Thanks for watching.

Today, I introduce
you my favorite cartoon.
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