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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

No description

Ashley Nelson

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and Students
A training for teen workers
What is sexual harassment?
Please take the next few minutes to write down what sexual harassment means to you.

Sexual harassment is

unwelcome sexual behavior
that negatively impacts
a person's work environment.
Sexual harassment
Unwelcome sexual advances
Requests for sexual favors
Verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature
Myth or Fact?
Sexual Harassment in the workplace is rare.
Most of what people call sexual harassment is just harmless flirting.
Women make up or exaggerate sexual harassment claims to get back at their bosses or co-workers.
Women are inviting sexual harassment because of how they dress and/or behave.
If you ignore harassment,
it will go away
The class will now divide into five groups.
Each group will be given a scenario about a teenage worker.
Together your group will discuss the following questions:
1. Is this sexual harassment?

2. If so, is it quid pro quo or hostile environment sexual harassment?

3. What steps should the target take in dealing with the harassment?

4. If you were the target’s coworker or friend, what could you do?

There are two types of sexual harassment
1. Quid Pro Quo Harassment


2. Hostile Environment Harassment
Quid Pro Quo Harassment
Quid pro quo means THIS for THAT. For example, if someone is asked to do something sexual in exchange for a job favor, such as better hours or a promotion.

for example: “If you have sex with me, I will make sure you never work Friday nights.”

Quid pro quo typically happens when there are two people, and one has power, like in a supervisor and a supervisee relationship.
Hostile Environment Harassment
can create a hostile environment, there does not need to be any differences in power.

Hostile environments can happen between:
two co-workers
two supervisors
supervisors and supervisees
people of the same sex
people of opposite sex

Additionally, a hostile environment can occur with one incident that is SEVERE or with a pattern of incidents that add up to a hostile workplace.
Reporting Harassment
What should I do if I believe I am being sexually harassed at work?
If you feel safe, tell the harasser to stop and make it clear what behaviors you don't like.

Report the behavior to your supervisor or someone in management that you trust.

Tell friends, siblings, parents, teachers - anyone you trust. They can oftentimes help you problem-solve the situation.

Document the incident:
Include the date, where it happened, who was there, and details.

If these steps do not end the harassment, you can report the behavior to the
Connecticut Human Rights and Opportunities Commission
or the federal
Equal Employment Opportunities Commission
Myth or Fact?
Myth or Fact?
Myth or Fact?
Myth or Fact?
Myth or Fact?
If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual harassment - or if you have any additional questions regarding sexual harassment please contact...
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