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Circ Du Soleil

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Circ Du Soleil

Circ Du Soleil
There was a death last year. A women was 31 she had two kids they were 6 and 8. Her harness came loose and she fell from 90 feet. She had been injured very badly. The crowd heard a scream and then one of the trapeze artists start to cry. It was out of the crowds sight. She was rushed to the hostpital and died in the ambulance.
People Included
Circ du Soleil
1. Micheal Jackson
2. Ka - Fire
3. O - Water
4. Mystic
How to get in
1. You have to be 18
2. You send them a video
3. A talent scout will find you or they will accept you by your video
4. You go to their school in Toronto
5. Then you apply again and will get in
6. The you perform :)
Trapeze Artists
Synchronized Swimmers
Karate People
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