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Ray Mangru 5-511 human rights

No description

Mrs. Fornataro

on 9 November 2016

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Transcript of Ray Mangru 5-511 human rights

article 1
Ray Mangru 5-511 human rights
everyone has the right to have a good education and they need atleast need to some stuff they need to know in school to get a better life and suceed in life.
and also to be protected and defended with others to keep them safe
article 26
the UDHR claims you all have all rights no matter what race,skin color,gender,nationality,or birth place they cant take these things away from you
article 2
article 14
you have the right to be free,safe,and to live with security and protection around the area.
article 3
everyone has the right to be free under peaceful assembly and association
article 20
nobody has the right to harm,humilate,and torture you
article 5
you should be considered innocent until it can be proven in a fair trial that you are guilty
article 11
you are born free and
equal with every human
rights no matter what.
you have the right to be
equally treated same with
birth and nationality
no matter what
you have the right to think and believe what you want and practise your religion as long as you don't stop someone from enjoying their rights.your parents must guide you on these manners
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