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King Ranch

No description

Elizabeth Partain

on 27 March 2018

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Transcript of King Ranch

How did King Ranch affect agriculture and science?
King Ranch Deer Project-attempted to increase the size of antlers on white-tailed deer by removing small antlered bucks.
The King Ranch in South Texas, for example, was a partner in the successful effort to remove Texas fever. This beef-cattle disease caused many northern states to ban cattle imports from Texas from the 1870s to the 1890s.
In 2001, Ford Motor Company added a King Ranch edition to their F-150 truck line, complete with the King Ranch cattle brand in the logo. In 2003, Ford added King Ranch packages to its Super Duty lineup, as well as the Expedition SUV.
An unusual animal that King Ranch raises is the Nilgai, originally imported from India. The ranch allowed hunters to come and they killed off at least thirty a night. Now they run -faster than horses- from any humans, cars, machinery, etc.

Introduction/ Background
The King Ranch was established over 150 years ago. Richard King first laid eyes on this part of the land, in 1852. Impressed with what he saw, he decided to call Gideon Lewis to make an agreement to start a ranch with him. Centuries later, the King Ranch has become a leader in conservation on private lands, and also one of the first private ranches to recognize the importance of wildlife and range land management on a scientific basis.

Who is Richard King?
About The Land
Richard King, born on July 10, 1824, into a poor Irish family living in New York City. By the age of nine, he was an apprentice to a jeweler in Manhattan. In 1835, around 11 years old, he ran away from home onto a steamboat headed towards Mobile, Alabama. Once found, he was adopted into the crew and became a steamboat pilot by the age of 16.
On April 14, 1885, Richard King, river man, steamboat entrepreneur, livestock capitalist, and founder of King Ranch, died of stomach cancer.
King Ranch of Texas
History of King Ranch
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King ranch is an 850,000 acre ranch that was gradually bought by Richard King and Gideon Lewis in 1852. Santa Gertrudis Creek in south Texas (15,000 acres), was officially bought in 1853 with the land grant called Rincon de Santa Gertudis. The second edition was the Garza Santa Gertrudis, which was 53,000 acres. After Lewis died, King managed his half interest. But, King kept growing his land until he died in 1885, the ranch had 614,000 acres at that time.
King ranch today
King Ranch Company operates a local museum, cares for other property problems and works with Texas A&M University to perform agricultural research and development. The business has many properties in other states, with agricultural interests including turf grass farming and citrus in Florida. In 1958, King Ranch paid more than $1 million for Brunette Downs in Northern Australia. They also owned Risdon near Warwick, Queensland and many other Queensland properties in Australia.

The City of Kingsville was created by the King Ranch.
Texas A&M Kingsville
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