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Gas Leak Detector

No description

Kimberly Manuel

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Gas Leak Detector

Gas Leak Detector
with SMS Alarm INTRODUCTION CONCLUSIONS RECOMMENDATION Based on the findings of the study and as shown in the interpretation of results, the researchers conclude that the Gas Leak Detector is effective in detecting the butane gas leak and can send out SMS alarm to the owner. The following conclusions were drawn:

1.The gas leak detector was proved to have the ability and capability to detect gas leak in a
specific area.

2.A feature of the gas leak detector, the SMS alarm, was proved to be effective and reliable
in giving alarm to a household owner relying on his/her gas leak detector.

3.The gas leak detector can detect gas leak at approximately 0.05 seconds in relevance to
the actual time the leakage started.

4.The gas leak detector was proved to be reliable in sending SMS alarm to the owner in a
matter of 0.10 seconds after the gas leak was detected. For the future researchers who might be interested in improving this study the researchers’ recommend the following which are subjected for further research and understanding:

1.Usage of cheap and recycled materials in assembling the device may be undertaken.
2.Having a broader detection on other hazardous gas.
3.Having a longer range of distance of detection of butane gas.
4.Construction of rechargeable Gas Leak Detector for lesser consumption of dry batteries. However, because of its contents being risky, we decided to propose a device that can abruptly detect the presence of primary mixes such as propane and butane. Using this device, we can provide early warning of the presence of a flammable atmosphere in potentially hazardous areas during work which may generate ignition and even in small spaces. Lastly, it would be of great help in emergency cases. With the increase of natural gas productions in the last five years, Philippines’ gas industry has really taken its toll. However, the country agonized with over 8,000 fires last year, which caused over a hundred deaths and billions of pesos worth of damage. LPG explosion has been ranked number 11 for causes of fire from 2008-2009. A total of 176 LPG explosions in 2008 and 126 in 2009 were reported. STATEMENT
PROBLEM Hypotheses This study was conducted to test the capability of the researchers’ device in detecting gas leak and in notifying the users through SMS alarm. The study revolved around the following questions:

1.Is the device capable of detecting gas leak in a matter of few seconds?

2.Is the device capable of sending an SMS alarm in a matter of few seconds?

3.Is the device capable of detecting gas leak in a closed area? The following probable answers are stated in null form:

1.The device is not capable of detecting gas leak in a matter of few seconds.

2.The device is not capable of sending an SMS alarm in a matter of few seconds.

3.The device is not capable of detecting gas leak in a closed area. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY FOR THE FAMILY FOR FUTURE RESEARCHERS The study enabled the researchers to have first-hand knowledge regarding the many problems brought about by undetected gas leaks. It enabled the researchers, to put this knowledge in the actual planning and materialization of the device. Moreover, it enabled them to understand the importance of precautionary measurements and fire prevention. FOR THE RESEARCHERS This study is important in the production of a device which can notify a family about the occurrence of gas leaks by means of using the accessibility and efficiency offered by SMS alarm. Thus, families can prevent the transpiration of accidents which can lead to drastic loss and untimely deaths. This study can be of use to the future researchers in serving as a tool for the search to further innovations which can serve not only families but also the whole society. The modification of this study can also explore the other potentials of the device and to enhance its capabilities, efficiency, reliability and durability. Step I: Collection of Data
a) Interview of experts
b) Canvassing of the most effective yet affordable materials near the area. Step II: Materials gathering and devising a design for the study. Step III: Construction
a) Testing of the experiment Step IV: Innovation and Design Revision METHODOLOGY General Procedures Step V: Final Testing
a) Testing of the device to different units
b) Evaluation of the device in terms of effectiveness and helpfulness BIBLIOGRAPHY Ganguly, P. (2012). Liquefied Petroleum Gas. RetrievedAugust 8, 2012, http://www.buzzle.com/articles/liquefied-petroleum-gas-lpg.html

Janata, J. (2010). Electrochemical sensors. Electrochemistry Encyclopedia. Retrieved August 8, 2012, http://electrochem.cwru.edu/encycl/art-s02-sensor.htm

Naranjo, E. et al. (2011). Best Practices in the Allocation, Commissioning, and Maintenance of Ultrasonic Gas-Leak Detectors. SPE Projects, Facilities & Construction, volume 6, Retrieved August 8, 2012,http://www.onepetro.org/mslib/servlet/onepetropreview?id=SPE-133543-PA

Opheim, D. (2003). Point Infrared Gas Detector Design Guide. Retrieved August 8, 2012, http://www.isa.org/Template.cfm?Section=Communities&template=/TaggedPage/DetailDisplay.cfm&ContentID=23377

Disadvantages of LPG Uses. LPG. RetrievedAugust 8, 2012, http://www.lpg.in/disadvantages-of-lpg-uses.html SUMMARY OF FINDINGS This study entitled Gas Leak Detector with SMS Alarm aims to provide early warning of the presence of a flammable atmosphere in potentially hazardous areas especially the establishments and houses. This study is significant in preventing fire accidents, property damages and deaths by providing an immediate warning to the families and community, and at the same time it also develop researchers’ knowledge and skills to their future study and gains enough information to the different kinds of problems and situations. The study revolves on the general problem: Detection of Butane Gas Leak and as a potential alarm on fire using SMS.

As the researchers conducted the study, they seek to find the answers based on the following questions:
1.What are the different reasons why there is a need to make a device that detect the gas leak and with SMS alarm?

2.What are the different materials in making the project and how it will be made by the researchers?

3.What are the different test that the researchers would do in order to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the device? The first thing the researchers considered was the searching and gathering of the materials needed in some local hardware stores in Cabanatuan to build the project. Afterwards, the researchers assemble the device with the help of a specialized technician. Then, the researchers tested the device on each treatment. Subsequently, record the time of leak detection and SMS alarm on the phone. Evaluate the gathered data using statistical analysis and formulate conclusions. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION SCHEMATIC DESIGN STATISTICAL ANALYSES
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