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Physician Engagement in Saskatchewan

First planning meeting to explore opportunties to build quality and leadership capacity among physicians in Saskatchewan

Debra Wright

on 31 July 2009

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Transcript of Physician Engagement in Saskatchewan

Physician Engagement in Saskatchewan Agenda July 8, 2009 Round Table
Supports & Barriers
Was it Worth it?
Where to Next? Round Table Vicki Cattell Karen Shaw Mark Wahba What I am doing? Physician handover at Shift Change
Medication Checks
Connect with Nursing Staff and OH&S Application of Office Redesign Principles Advanced Access
Exploring efficiencies with collecting measures Shift focus from QA to QI in Complaints Process Physician Lead for QI in Adult ED
Special Handover Form
Standartize ED Carts
Narcotics Policy for Chronic Pain Patients Sharing knowledge with Medical Officers
HIV Pregnancy Project and funding Leane Bettin Jason Hosain Penny Davis Revise mission statement of CPL
Guided Reflection Process Template post CME Kishore Visvanathan Advanced Access (pooling referrals)
Involving patients and families in process Mark Brown Quality Safety Board for Health Region Advanced Access Susan Shaw Tania Diener Participants were asked to share what they are currently testing
in their practice setting since their return from the sponsored event Supports & Barriers Participants were asked to reflect on their current experiences with
QI and share what factors have helped or hindered their involvement Was it Worth It? Participants were asked to vote on a number of events to identify which should be the focus of investment over the next year, to support physician engagement and development in QI. What next? Participants were asked to identify 3 things that they could commit to doing in the next year to engage physicians in health care Improvement (in addition to what support they would need to accomplish the committment). Supports & Barriers

Forcefield Analysis Supporting Factors Restraining Factors Growing a group of QI "guys"
Longitudinal Coaching
Concept of Team -leverage skill and resources
Thinking Creatively
Burning Platform
Education & Training
Groundswell in the System
Protected-dedicated Time
Alignment of Incentives IT & Measurement
Time & Lack of Support (financial, coaching)
Resistance to Change (negative thinking)
Bureaucracy (Policy, decision making, leadership)
Lack of Training
Challenge of the "whole" system (Silos, intersectoral)
Incentive Many Votes for..... IHI Annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care
Kaiser Permanente's International Conference on Integration, Innovation and Information Systems in Health Care
Health Quality Council - Quality Improvement Consultant (QIC) Program
Annual International Summit on Redesigning the Clinical Office Practice
Bring Leaders to Saskatchewan Limited Votes for..... The Triple Aim: Optimizing Health Care Resources for the Good of a Population
National Network of Medical Affairs Professionals
Other Investment Ideas What Next?
What I AM committed to doing! Continue to Collaborate with Nursing and Physician Leaders
Collaborate with Adult ED to advovate for 24 hr Ped ED coverage
Survey patients to explore repeat visits Schedule time for QI
Learn to use EMR tools to improve data quality
Measure non-volume health care results Make use of a patient portal
Hire a Summer Student
Measure walk-in use among patient panel Schedule QI time in Schedule
Challenge the whole system and report in any way we can
Champion the Champions Attend QIC program
Continue to educate colleagues
Suggest different method of payment for ED MD's Encourage "Patient First Review" to become "Population First"
Utilize opportunities at Intersectoral Agency Meetings
Continue to look for opportunities for improvement Coordinate QI and Measurement CPL Sessions
Showcase Advanced Access and local improvement projects
Summer student placements (preceptors/money needed) Continue to involve patients and families in the process
Lobby for compensated time for QI
Approach Government to explicitly set an outcome focus Promote Advanced Access to anyone who will listen
Access locums to free up time to become more involved
Attend PMI and conferences to build capacity
Measure more and publish Participate in a culture change toward "fairness & justice"
Build capacity in leadership and QI
Align priorities Vicki Cattell Leane Bettin Jason Hosain Karen Shaw Mark Wahba Tania Diener Penny Davis Kishore Visvanathan Mark Brown Susan Shaw David Ledding Bring things together through QBS, Primary Care & Lean
Take QI down to the trenches
Expand Physician Leadership skills and develop succession to get more involved Round Table What are you committed to do? Grab a pen! Write it down.....! Want to Know more?
Then keep clicking on
the right arrow...

If not, then feel free to
close this window Who am I? Welcome to a dynamic overview
of the meeting minutes...Enjoy! Please click on the RIGHT arrown key at the bottom right of the screen to advance Thanks
Hope you
Enjoyed! Was it worth it?
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