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I would like to visit Greece. The reasons why are these.

Alyssa Neese

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Greece

Greece Why Greece? Because... It's the Home of the Olympics and... Beautiful Beaches Where to go... The Ancient Ruins In the center of major cities are ancient ruins that can be seen. The nightlife happens in Mykonos. They have beautiful bars and everything is in walking distance from each other and the beach. Corfu is an island of Greece known for its sunsets.
It is also a popular place for its nightlife. It has beautiful
vegetation and is one of the most popular places to visit
when traveling to Greece. Sanatorini is one of the best places to visit in Greece.
It has many sights such as the volcano it rests on.
It exploded in 1400 B.C. and since then they built this
city around it. It is very beautiful and the top place to go
with your family and children. In June and July, it has very
fun nightlife. Delphi is a famous city in Grecian
history. This is a sight, a Temple from
the God Apollo at Delphi. Archeologists rebuilt
part of this temple based on Greek descriptions, making
this one of the most visited places in Greece. The sight known around the world from Greece
is the Parthenon. It is held in the Acropolis.
This was built 2,500 years ago for
the Goddess Athena. This is where the Greeks developed democracy and art such as famous
works of Literature or Paintings. Athens is the capital of Greece and the most famous city. In it holds the Acropolis that contains the Parthenon (top) and the theater of Herod Atticus built by the Romans in 161 AD that is still used today. (The right). (Bottom) This is Athens from far away. The Acropolis is the biggest part of Athens. The architexture of Greece is beautiful. The cities are all built the same way with a unique structure. The houses themselves are always a popular site to see while visiting. Greek art is one of the many things Greece
is known for. In almost every city and
island, you can find a museum or gallery.
The picture above is a stone carving of Medusa. She is part of ancient Greek Mythology. The art often dipicts the History of Greece. The Right is a picture of a man playing discuss which was one of the original Olymmpic Games. The Bottom picture is another myth of the Greeks on a vase. Travel: From St. Louis, Missouri, it
would take 7 days to
get to Greece by Plane. so bring lots of colorings books,
regular books, your ipod, or anything to
keep you occupied for
7 days on a plane. While you are here... You SHOULD EAT! DRINK! STAY AWHILE! No, its not all like the olive garden, although
many similarities. Olives, olive oil, and bread are the
basics of Greek food. Wine is another thing the Greeks
are known for. They have many different kinds of cheeses, and if you
have seen "My Big Fat GReek Wedding", you know how much food
they can eat! THey love to eat meats such as pork, lamb, beef, goat, chicken, rabbit and veal. They have various sweets such as the Yaourti me meli which is yogurt and honey. The food is an attraction in itself. Many different kinds of restaurants you can go to are estiatorio, psistaria, taverna, psaro-tavernas, Ouzerie and mezedopoulions. WHAT TO BRING Bring your swim suit for their fabulous beaches. Swimming off the coast
of Greece is a necessity on this trip.
Bring your camera! Everywhere is a wonderful opportunity to catch the beauty of Greece.
Bring a GreeK Language book to learn what most people are saying.
Bring many clothes to wear outside because mostly everything you have to do is outside.
Bring some money! If you are on this magical vacation, Splurge a little! Where to stay In Greece Athens is the most popular place to stay. They have 7 bed and breakfasts
and beautiful hotels. There is a Non-smoking hotel which is amazing, The Acropolis House which is a
Historical landmark from the 19th century, Hotel Moka is in the Heart of Athens, and many others. Any of the cities or islands I listed earlier are great candidates to stay in while you are visiting Greece. What to do! I have listed several places
to go. Now what do you do
while you are there? THey have
many great tours of cities and islands. Anywhere you go, you are able to sign up for a bike riding tour through town.
You could go windsurfing! You could scuba dive in Greece, hike, kayak, go to a game, or try an extreme sport. You could explore the culture. Year round they have festivals and carnivals you can participate in. New Year's day you can eat tons of cake with tokens in them for luck with the New Year! This is a map of Greece. This has
all the cities and islands that you
must see. Make sure you don't miss
anything! Greece in itself is a wonder of the world.
Down to its history to the culture of today.
I could spend a year there and still not see
everything. So if you go, make sure to stay
as long as you can. Don't miss a thing. Eat, Drink,
and Stay awhile. OPA!!!!
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