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By: Savannah Lundgren

Savannah Lundgren

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Photographer

Photographer Responsibilities Marketing and networking to find new clients
Communicating with clients to understand their needs
Preparing for photo shoots (e.g. scouting locations, scheduling, renting equipment, etc.)
Setting up or taking down lighting, backgrounds, props and other equipment
Capturing images
Processing images
Creating final print images or digital files
Archiving images
Performing administrative tasks such as billing, etc. Education High School Diploma- it is good for people pursueing to be a photography to be in extra cericular activities and art classes.
Technical training to vocational training to learn the technical basics of photography.
A bachelors degree is not needed but if you want pursue photojournalism or scientific photography it is helpful.
Become an assistant photographer. Most photographers start thier careers doing this to watch professionals.

Colleges in Florida •The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale
•Miami International University of Art & Design
•The Art Institute of Tampa
•International Academy of Design & Technology
•Full Sail University - Digital Arts Degree
•New York Film Academy - Digital Photography Degree

Demand This career will be the most needed in the future in the fation industry. Technology Camera to take the pictures
computer to print pictures and send them by email too.
Customers People that want thier picture taken for holidays and speacial occations. Math Math is used in this job because they have certain sizes of pictures and frames that have measurements. Problems The most common problem in photography today I think would be rude costomeres.
$32,949 to $70,805 Salary
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