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Lecture 4 - Oct 16 2014

No description

Arman Suleimenov

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Lecture 4 - Oct 16 2014

What is a data type?
Office hours
Friday, 2-6pm, SB 330
Programming assignment 0 is posted and due Mon, 11:59pm
In your Terminal:
javac HelloWorld.java
java HelloWorld

In your Terminal:
javac NameAge.java
java NameAge Jackie 60
In your Terminal:
javac UseArgument.java
java UseArgument Elchin
How to submit the assignment?
Upload hw0.zip file via PowerCampus
'Bill Gates's first company made software for traffic lights. Steve Jobs's first company made plastic whistles that let you make free phone calls. Both failed, but it's hard to imagine they were too upset about it. That's my favorite thing that changes today. You no longer carry around a number indicating the sum of all your mistakes. From now on, failure doesn't matter: you only have to be right once'. -Drew Houston, founder of Dropbox
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