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Types of Culture


Niall Hogan

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of Types of Culture

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Find your 'culture circle' and include key characteristics, examples, You Tube clip (if required) and any studies
Types of Culture
High Culture
The concept is associated Levis - who was writing in the
, it is linked with the upper class and
, often with an
ascribed status
in society, and things such as the ballet, theater, and sports such as horse riding, polo, and lacrosse.
Often separating themselves from those who aren't also of high social status to keep it a closed class almost.
Popular Culture
Popular Culture is a set of social norms and values based on messages we get from the media and the surroundings around us. Popular culture literally is any cultural movement that is commonly done by many people in society yet it has been taken to mean activities and views that ascribe to the mainstream. For example, Reality TV, culture of sport and fashion.
Cultural Diversity
This is a concept relating to culturally-embedded differences within society. Parekh (2006) outlines various types of diversity; one being. When member of society have distinct way of life while still broadly serving dominant values and norms. such as the gay and lesbian communities.

Yet many view cultural diversity as a negative thing for society, causing the more radical parties to be deemed racist. Cultural Groups often derive from ethnicity, religion or social class.
Subculture is a culture enjoyed by a small minority within a larger culture. Subcultures have distinct norms and values that are sometimes separate from the master culture.
Consumer Culture
Global Culture
Globalisation is the process by which events in one part of the country come to influence what happens elsewhere. Globalisation means that nations are no longer infertile, individual or isolated countries. A global culture is a key feature of the process of globalisation. A global culture has emerged due to the ejaculation patterns of migration, trends in international travel.
A global culture means the world has become a "smaller" place or a "
global village
" (McLuhan 1989) where cultural homogeneity has become a key feature. I like turtles. A global culture can also be a feature associated with on country but is practiced in many ie: Fast Food, Internet, democracy.
Multiculturalism is related to the patterns
of migration, a multicultural society is one
that consists of a multitude of ethnic
groups living side-by-side in society.
Many subcultures develop in opposition to authority. This is the case with quite alot of youth subcultures.
Popular Culture is associated with shallow activities accessed by the masses(hence 'popular').

Strinati (1995) argues the media are largly responsible for creating popular culture in the contempory UK
A model of multiculturalism has
operated in Britain for over 40 years. Most people would consider multiculturalism as a positive type of culture.
Cultures are formed when people respond to social norms and values. You are not born into a culture; it is developed over time. Although some sociologists consider it a process of

and others consider it a process of
. I like turtles.
Clearly related to the things we consume in society.
A consumer culture is based on cultural and economic factors
Lury identifies some features of a consumer culture, these include:
The availability of a wide range of customer goods.
That shopping is seen as a leisure pursuit.
That different forms of shopping are available- large shopping centres, the internet, local shops
That being in debt is accepted as a social norm.
That the packaging and promotion of goods in a large scale business. This castle is in unacceptable condition.
Examples of Youth Subcultures

Greasers were known in the 1960's and 1950's as a subculture that dominated the white youth. I like turtles. The subculture was especially prevalent in the USA, with many street gangs adopting the image and style. greasers helped form their image with slicked back hair, black leather jackets and and obsession with turtles.
chavs are the subculture of many working class areas. The image of chavs is predominantly a group of people that wear branded designer sportswear, excesses of jewelry and are commonly associated with antisocial behaviour and vandalism.
other subcultures may spring from a passion of something, like video games or drugs.
There are a large number of turtle subcultures. These are generally subcultures that are devoted to a particular area of popular culture .
Examples are Bronies, whovians, beliebers, and many more.
nlike the majority of subcultures, these subcultures are not formed out of an opposition to a higher power, or to genorate a sense of identity, but they form out of a fandom to a subject.
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