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Printing ads analysis project

No description

Xiaoxiao Jiang

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Printing ads analysis project

Brand fixation Poisson Regression models
Model and parameter interpretation
Printing ads analysis project
Group 2
Xiaoxiao Jiang
Chu Yu
Liang Dong
Jingjing Huang

Oct 28th 2013
Topic 2
Print advertising
a major communication instrument
Data & Methodology
Eye tracking experiment data

Modeling & Prediction
1. LOreal should use larger brand element and larger pictorial element on its ad to attract customers’ attention.

2. Page number where an ad appears does not have strong effect on customers’ attention, so LOreal may not need to spend extra money to put its ads on front pages.

3. LOreal should try to put its ads on the right side of the page since ads on the right side can better catch customers’ eyes.
Eye-tacking data info.
35 brands@88 3080 total
- Brand & Picture size
- Brand & Picture location
- Page number
- Brand & Picture fixation count
- Recall time & Recall accuracy
Model & Prediction
Poisson regression model
- count data

Binary Logit Model
- Binomial data

SAS & Excel
Eye movements data
Verify International
1.How customers pay attention to ads

2How ads increase the probability of memorizing
the brand
Eye tracking system

size of brand
size of pictorial element
location of an ad(page number&page position0
Description Statistics
L'Oreal's ad: not effective
Correlation efficiency
Picture fixation Poisson Regression models
Binary Logit Model
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