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A New Nation Dictionary

No description

Abigail Bushhouse

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of A New Nation Dictionary

A New Nation Dictionary By Abigail Bushhouse Congress E F Federal System of Government George Washington D Constitutional Convention Currency constitution B C A Benjamin Banneker commerce Bill of Rights Definition: a set of basic principles that determines the powers and duties of a government Definition: a meeting held in Philadelphia at which delegates from each state wrote the constitution Definition: medium of exchange Delegate Definition: compromises the Supreme Court, circuit courts of appeals, and district courts Definition: is when power is shared between the national and state governments Definition: first president and he created D.C,had the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution and had the federal court system established Mod 5 Articles of Confederation Definition: was a constitution written during the Rev.War to establish the powers of the new national government synonym: constitution
antonym: Proclamation of 1763 Definition: an astronomer and a mathematician that calculated lots of celestial bodies positions and helped survey Washington D.C synonym: Frederick Douglas
antonym: an enslaved African American Definition: the first ten amendments to the constitution synonym: amendments
antonym: ten commandments Definition: buying and selling on a large scale synonym: trade
antonym: barter Definition: head of the legislative branch synonym: legislature
antonym: dictatorial government synonym: Articles of Confederation
antonym: Declaration of Independence synonym: representative government
antonym: Second Continental Congress synonym: money
antonym: bankruptcy Definition: a person chosen from each state to represent them synonym: representative
antonym: cabinet member Executive Branch Definition: executes the
laws(president) synonym: Sheriffs
antonym: Criminals Federal Court System synonym: National Court
antonym: State Court synonym: National
antonym: Local synonym: Thomas Jefferson
antonym: King George George Washington Definition: he was elected president of
the Constitutional Convention synonym: him being elected as president
antonym: him as a tobacco farmer Great Compromise H House of Representatives James Madison James Monroe John Adams Judicial Branch L Land Ordinance of 1785 Legislative Branch Lewis and Clark Louisiana Purchase M Monroe Doctrine N National Government Northwest Ordinance of 1787 R Ratification Representation S Senate T Thomas Jefferson Two party System W War of 1812 Definition: an agreement worked out at the Constitutional Convention establishing a state's population would determine representation in the lower house of legislature synonym: bicameral
antonym: unicameral Definition: the lower house of congress (is based on population) synonym: legislative
antonym: Senate Definition: the fourth president who was in office during the War of 1812 J synonym: James Monroe
antonym: Benjamin Franklin Definition: the fifth president who introduced the Monroe Doctrine synonym: James Madison
antonym: Benjamin Franklin Definition: the second president who saw a two-party system emerge while he was in office synonym: Alexander Hamilton
antonym: Thomas Jefferson Definition: interprets the laws
the head being the Supreme Court synonym: judges and juries
antonym: Legislative Branch Definition: set up a system for surveying and dividing up western lands synonym: division of territory
antonym: Northwest Ordinance of 1787 Definition: makes the laws
(the head being Congress) synonym: political representation
antonym: Judicial Branch Definition: people who explored the Louisiana purchase for Thomas Jefferson synonym: explorers
antonym: settlers Definition: the purchase of French land between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains that doubled the size of the United States synonym: Northwest Ordinance of 1787
antonym: Land Ordinance 1785 Definition: statement forbidding further colonization in the Americas and declaring that any attempt by a foreign country to colonize would be considered an act of hostility synonym: keep out
antonym: we welcome your influence Definition: the government over all the states synonym: federal government
antonym: local government Definition: this established a new territory that included a new territory that included areas that are now Illinois, Michigan,Ohio, and Wisconsin synonym: Louisiana Purchase
antonym: Land Ordinance of 1785 Definition: approval typically done by voting synonym: disapprove
antonym: agree Definition: someone chosen to give a groups' say for them in a government setting synonym:delegate
antonym: dictatorial government Definition: the higher house of congress based on an allotted number (2) of senators synonym: legislative
antonym: House of Representatives Definition: the third president who bought the Louisiana territory and had Lewis and Clark explore it synonym: an anti-federalist
antonym: John Adams Definition: when people are divided into political parties instead of one group of everyone. This first emerged during John Adams' presidency synonym: opposing views
antonym: single party system Definition: the war that happened during Madison's presidency that earned British respect synonym: American Revolution
antonym: French and Indian War
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