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5 Themes of Geography- Barbados

No description

Julia King

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of 5 Themes of Geography- Barbados

latitudes 20 degrees and 28N
longitudes- 72 degrees and 80W
The Bahamas is in North America, east of Florida. Its neighboring countries are Cuba, Haiti, and The Dominican Republic.
Located in the Atlantic Ocean
The Bahamas is north of the Equator.

economy based on tourism (60%)and finance (15%)
Tourism accounts for 60% of Bahamanian GDP
Provides jobs for half the workforce
Exports lobster and fish, does not raise items commercially
No agriculture, most agricultural products consumed domestically
Imports more than $250 million in foodstuffs per year
Currency is 1 to 1 ( Bahamas with US; currency exchange made easy for tourists)
Exports 960 million, Imports $3 245 billion
Partners with mostly U.S and India
3 main seaports
62 airports
Human & Environmental Interaction
One of the most prosperous countries in the West Indies
relies heavily on tourism (tourism makes up 60% of countries income)
fishing is a big industry (pollutes water and destroys marine life)
destination for several cruises
The tourism industry employs 50 percent of the Bahamian workforce
accounts for approximately half of the country's Gross Domestic Product.
Deforestation for new resorts and attractions
Thank you!
Welcome to the Bahamas

What is the National Celebration which originated from slavery?

The 5 Themes of Geography
By Emily & Julia

Part of the Caribbean community
composed of 700 Islands
under the sovereign of Queen Elizabeth II
Functional- Atlantis is a big resort in Nassau (tourists)
Formal- Region that comprises of hundreds of smaller islands
Vernacular- The Fish Fry, is a common restaurant that people use as a relative location. The Exumas beach is a popular beach, and is used as a tourist destination.
Federal and Local Government
Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Military-Royal Bahamas Defence Force
Developing Nation- long term project to improve roads and conditions
Heavy African, British and American Influence
Very Religious -predominantly Christian
Junkanoo- a traditional Bahama street Parade of Music and Dance
originated from slavery
Physical Place
Tropical Savannah Rainforest
Low and Flat with Ridges
Abundance of Natural Sea Parks, Caves, Lagoons, Lakes and Beaches
Black Holes and Blue Holes
Pink Sands Beach
Sand made out of thousands of broken coral pieces, shells and calcium carbonate
Pig Beach
uninhabited island with feral pigs
(a description )
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