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Coaching in The Realm of Fantasy

No description

Phillip Conner

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of Coaching in The Realm of Fantasy

Coaching in The Realm of Fantasy A Look Into Coaching Applications In Game Design So, What is Coaching? Why Coach Game Design? Benefits Of Decentralized Structure Employees, provided empowerment are able to generate and implement Ideas of their own.
Intrinsic satisfaction with the work increases
Vital in an industry of mass creativity
Case Studies in the Gaming Industry EA Games
Sony Team Structure
Large Demand for innovation in all componants of the game
Heavy Interdependance between team sections
Implementing Coaching Business Approach X Theory
Assumes employees must be instructed and managed to create an effective work environment
Relies on external incentives or punishments to make employees work Y Theory
Assumes that employees are naturally creative and motivated when exposed to favorable conditions
Relies on a supportive managment structure Coaching Theory
Assumes that Employees gain satisfaction as a result of pride and ownership in their work.
Rather than directing coaching uses communication to help employees make decisions and define their own Goals, Objectives and Responsibilities to give a sense of ownership and involvement
Feedback When giving feedback aim to assist, not to control
Allways presume innocence
Observe language
Take ownership of your feedback
Show support whenever possible to improve moral
Changing your Role Language And Key Terms We Vs. You
Could vs. Should
Will Vs. Try
Delegate roles and entrust those roles to the employee rather than assign tasks, empowerment is key
Work at an eye to eye level with employees What does this new role mean? Fin The role is to maximize the potential of your employees and how well the group works as whole, This is done by:
Connect with all of your employees and develop a relationship with them
Help them actualize and define their own objectives
- Don't Tell, Question
Clearly communicate problems and have them decide how to resolve it
Champion success and remark on the value of your members

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