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Time line 1812-1885

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Cam McConechy

on 22 February 2015

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Transcript of Time line 1812-1885

By:Cameron McConechy
Time line 1812-1885
Was a two and half year war between the United States of America and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. In Canada and the U.S it seen as a war in it's own right but to Europe as a theater of the Napoleonic Wars. Some of the reason the U.S declared war was because of the trade restrictions because of Britain's war with France and Britain supported the Indian tribes against American expansion.
War of 1812
HBC confrontation with the Metis. A band of mostly Metis is included some French-Canadians, English, and Native American employees working for the North West Company, seized a supply of pemmican from the Hudson's Bay Company 1 Metis and 21 HBC traders are killed.
Battle at seven Oaks 1816
Discovery of Antarctica.
British government ordered the HBC and the NWC to merge as the fur trade was dying.
1821 HBC and NWC merge
The Land grant to Lord Selkrik
The HBC gave Lord selkrik a 116,000 acres of land at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers the start of the Red River Settlement. The Metis are not happy
Fort Garry
Miles Macdonell
First governor of the Red River Colony.He made the Pemmican Proclamation which would lead to the Pemmican war between HBC and NWC
Louis Riel is born 1844
He was born near present day Winnipeg. At the age of 13 he was sent to Collège de Montréal to become a priest.
1869 HBC sells Rupert land to Canada
HBC got 1.5 million dollars the HBC did this without telling the people of the Red River colony
1870 Manitoba Act of.
But out of this rebellion the Manitoba Act of 1870 was made and making Manitoba a province. The Act gave the Metis a tittle to their land and also set aside land for the Metis. And the act also religious and language rights. Like law had to be in French and English.
1843 A Christmas Carol is published
Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol sold 6,000 copies. But he did not see much profit form the book
1882 the surveyors
In 1882 surveyors came to the north-west and started to divide up the land for new townships. The metis lands are being taken again.
The Metis Bring back Riel
The metis meet at Batoche to talk about the new problems they are facing. 30 of them vote to bring back Riel to represent their cause.
Plains Cree chief. He got his name Poundmaker as he was able to lure buffalo in to the pound by sing and drumming a song. as the story goes he sang his song a lured 500 buffaloes in to the pound so his people gave the name Poundmaker which means one who sits at the pound
Late 1870s
The buffalo herds are disappearing which setting the stage for discontent between the aboriginal people and the government. lead to the north-west rebellion
Lead by Louis Riel and his Provisional government. They had come up with a list of rights for the Metis and sent it to Ottawa. One of the thing that was ask for was amnesty for the Provisional government but because Louis Riel executed Thomas Scott so the Canadian government said no to the amnesty.
Red river rebellion
1885 Battle at Duck Lake
Gabriel Dumont lead the 200 metis in the battle that defeated 90 man North West Mounted Police force at Duck Lake
Major General Frederick Middleton
The Canadian government response to the battle at duck lake they send Major General Frederick Middleton to stop the rebellion. In 1885 he was knighted by Queen Victoria for his war service
Gabriel Dumont
He was know for being the founder of the metis recognition. he and his metis made a stand at Batoche which he and his man would lose after three days of fighting. He fled to the the U.S after the battle.
The trial of Louis Riel
Riel is was put on trial for his actions in the North-West rebellion in Regina. He was found guitly and was hanged.
1815 the battle at Waterloo
This is where the Napoleon is defeated and the end of Napoleonic Wars
1882 rod-shaped bacterium that causes tuberculosis is found by German physician Robert Koch
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