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The Smart Room Switch

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Transcript of The Smart Room Switch

MALAYSIA SMART ROOM SWITCH INTRODUCTION Every time we walk pass the corridors, we always see lights and fans switched on in a room but nobody is inside. People tend to waste energy without they realizing it and it leads to depletion of energy resources. There is always a case when people enter a room or toilet, and they forgot to switch off the light. This scenario can be seen anywhere, such as at home, office, classroom and other places. A mechanism needs to be applied to overcome this problem. There is always only one student in a classroom but all fans and lights are on. The toilets and bathroom lights are never switched off at night. PROBLEM STATEMENT The tendency of people to leave lights and fans ON in a room can be seen anywhere, such as at home, office, classroom and other places. One of the solutions is to use Smart Room Switch (abbreviated SRS). A mechanism needs to be applied to overcome this problem. SMART ROOM SWITCH A system that is capable of detecting the in and out movement of occupants intelligently. Based on the number of people in the room, the system will automatically switch ON and OFF the lights and fans. The SRS will detect the existence of people in a room. OBJECTIVE OF PROJECT The objective of the project is to develop a complete system called Smart Room Switch (SRS), which is capable of monitoring intelligently the existence of people in a room. GOALS OF THE SRS To reduce energy consumption To introduce a totally new and practical way of saving electricity To envision a new smart home of tomorrow To pave the way for future green projects Demonstrate potential reduction in fossil resource usage Up and Down Counters INFRARED SENSOR SIMULATION ON A 3D MODEL ON/OFF CONTROLLER CIRCUITRY THE SRS SYSTEM METHODOLOGY 2 3 4 1 Integrate the Up and Down Counter circuitry with two pairs of infrared sensors. Development of 3D model of a classroom. COMPLETED SRS SYSTEM BENEFITS Reduce energy consumption Reduce the electric bills paid LIMITATIONS CONCLUSION Electricity wastage is drastically increasing due to the inefficient management of electricity. The SRS system is capable of monitoring the usage of utilities in a room in an intelligent manner The green-tech system is able to reduce energy consumption by optimizing electricity usage, and hence save the environment The SMART ROOM SWITCH could be the technology that could save the environment and the world! THANK YOU FOR LENDING YOUR EARS THE SMART ROOM SWITCH Combines to become ..... How did we make the SRS? The advantages heavily outweighs the limitation SRS is unable to detect when two people are very close to each other when they enter or exit of the room. SRS is unable to detect when a group of people enter or exits of a room together. FUTURE WORK To include more features such as monitoring the usage of electricity for energy audit Use microcontroller to optimize the operation of the whole system To scale up the system and embed to the actual condition
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