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Stress Management

managing things that cause most teenagers stress

jeyme Suazo

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Stress Management

by Jeyme Suazo Stress
Management Tackling the problem... What Causes me stress? Second, Some things, like procrastination, and my future, I can control, and make better. Yet things like the economy and other peoples expectations of me, I can't completely control; but I can still try to manage the stress it causes to my benefit, so that I am less stressed about them. What my future will bring. First off, I have to point out my problem areas. my tendency to procrastinate pretty owl :) Thinking about my future now that I'm about to finish high school getting college education expectations from others the economy & finding a job I constantly think about my future. What am I going to do in life? Will I succeed in what I will choose as my career? What happens if I fail in something i worked really hard for?
These are questions that I battle with almost every day and sometimes it can discourage me to a point where I don't even know what I want anymore. I have to know What I can and can't control: Making this manageable: I need try to stay positive by reassuring myself that I will succeed in life, no matter what I choose. And I need to still keep focused to do whatever possible to ensure that I don't have to worry so much. avoiding this: The future is coming whether I like it or not, so its hard to control, If I keep holding onto what I want and stay optimistic. I can use methods to not let discouragement get the best of me. decreasing the stressor: Taking note of everything I want to accomplish, staying focused on them and relax when truly needed to be assured I can get it all done. COLLEGE Figuring out my plan and seeing through that plan: What college do i go to?
What will I major in?
How will I pay the costs?
Am I even mentally ready to go to college? Making this manageable: Making a checklist of things i need to do before going to college and manage the time I will need to accomplished all this Avoiding this: There's no way to avoid it because it definitely needs to be done. I just need to get good grades in high school, learn not to procrastinate, and make sure that everything is ready for when the time to start college comes. Decreasing the stressor: Finishing my checklist and keeping pace to my time PROCRASTINATION I've had a tendency to procrastinate in almost everything ever since I started high school. I do not want to take that to college. managing this: Possibly getting a planner or using the ToDo list app on my phone to plan out my day and everything I need to do Avoiding this: By using either type day planner hopefully I will improve my habits. Also, keep the knowledge that its horrible to leave everything last minute. Decreasing the stressor: Eliminate unnecessary distractions. Finding a job and dealing with our crappy economy :D A lot of people today are having a really hard time with money and jobs. It worries me that because of this it will be harder for me to find a job and make a decent living. Making it Manageable: Going to college, getting the best education to my ability, and finding a job. Avoiding this: Its hard to avoid the problems the economy brings, The best I can do is relax and make the most of what I'm able to do. Decreasing the stressor: Finding a job A.s.a.p to help myself and my family as well. What others expect of me. All my life I've been expected to succeed in everything that involves my education. My parents are counting a lot on me because they see a lot of potential in me to be something great. I honestly don't have that kind of confidence in myself but do intend to do everything possible to make them proud and when I feel that I can't, I get stressed. making this manageable: Simply, being myself and doing what makes me happy; at the same time thinking about whats best for me and what I want for my family. Avoiding this: This is very hard to avoid because its other people's opinion which is basically impossible to change. Sometimes you have to stand up for what you want for yourself, Decreasing the stressor: Stick to my opinions without refusing to take advice and make what I believe is the best decision. Taking Care of my Body getting enough sleep
eating a good breakfast
eating more fruits and veggies
doing more exercise
drinking more water
getting more time for relaxation
getting out of the house more How I de-stress myself. go to church
read a book
listen to music
watch something funny on T.V
taking a warm shower
stretching Releasing stressful emotions Instead of keeping everything bottled-up I can: draw or write down my emotions
talking to a friends
talking to Jesus
laughing more Making the world a better place! :) Being the kind of person that's always there to listen when someone needs to talk.
being the person that cares enough to help
pursuing a career that helps people physically and mentally
recognizing the the major problems in this world and doing what I can to help change it for the better.
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