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Your Ideal Work Enviroment

No description

Ajai Gorowara

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Your Ideal Work Enviroment

Your Work Environment
Roughly every working class citizen spends one-quarter of their time each week at their job. Many think that the job they currently have is their dream job, only later do they figure out that the job they are doing may be their dream job, but it may not be their dream environment. A persons work environment varies among the individual, but their needs could change their work ethic. Work environment could be a cubicle, an office or even a laboratory. It also could be the way the individual dresses.
Every individual has different ideas of what makes a great place for them to live. For example people that like the heat live in a hot climate, people that like to ski live near the mountains, or if you like taking walks you would like to live near a park. Everyone has their own community that they would like to live in. Every individual pictures ideas of a community where they would like to live.
Your ideal community
In your ideal community you might want to have people that are foreign or you might want to live in a neighborhood that is the same religion as you. Every individual has a place to call their home and feel comfortable living in that community.
Questions you should think about
What community would you like to live in?
What type of climate would you like to have in your community?
What type of people would you like to have in your community?
What kind of neighborhood/house?
what type of culture and religion?
What kind of educational opportunities?
what would you like to have in your community?
What kind of transportation would be in your community?
Your Work Environment
Physical conditions also play a role. Physical conditions can vary from windows to natural of fluorescent light. Could also be the size of the workplace. Like a cubicle of a private office. There is also the company's size. The company could be local of international/world wide.
Your Ideal Salary and
Your Level of Responsibility
The final part of the environment you work is knowing what level of responsibility you want.

Your salary can affect your environment. Your salary can affect:
What you can afford
In what country you live in
Your level of responsibility with the people you work with

It's important to know the different salaries
for the different jobs that interest you.
By: Ajai Gorowara
Alan Perez
Seayr Tanweer
Michael Truswell

Where You Love to Be
Your Ideal Community
Your Ideal Work Environment

Your heart knows the places that it loves.
Finding where you like to be is connected with doing what you like to do.

Questions You Should Think About
Where would you like to work?
What kind of space would you most enjoy?
What physical conditions?
Size/Type of business?
Questions you should think about
Your Ideal Salary and
Your Level of Responsibility
Where would you prefer to be?
What kind of space would you enjoy to work in?
What kind of Atmosphere would you like to work at?
What do you like to wear at work?
Do you prefer to work at a light or a dark environment?
Would you work in a large, or small environment?
Do you like to work with others or by yourself?
To make decisions on a job, you need to know:
Starting salaries
What people make in other parts of the county.
Ask Yourself These Questions

"What salary do you want to make?"
"What salary do I want in five years?"

"What do I want my top salary to be?"
"What jobs pay what i want to earn?"
Bolles, Richard Nelson., Carol Christen, and Jean M. Blomquist. What Color Is Your Parachute? for Teens: Discovering Yourself, Defining Your Future. Berkeley, CA: Ten Speed, 2006. Print
1. What should you not ask people?
A. "How much is your salary?"
B. "What are some good local salaries?"
C. Both A and B
D. Neither A and B

2.When you start work, what is one-quarter of your time spent on?
A. At home
B. At your job
C. Somewhere else
D. At school

3.What environment would you work in for the medical field?
A. At home
B. At school
C. In a hospital
D. In the woods

4.What environment would you work in for the teaching field?
A. At school
B. At home
C. In the woods
D. At a Burger King

5.What environment would you work in for the business field?
A. In the desert
B. Under the sea
C. In a corporate building
D. Above all
Don't ask:
"How much is your salary?"
"How much do you earn?"

Most people will give you accurate salaries if you don't ask directly.
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