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Christmas Traditions in El Salvador

No description

Luis Marin

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Christmas Traditions in El Salvador

Christmas Traditions in El Salvador
By: Luis Marin
El Salvador Christmas Tree

Their Christmas Tree has
many pretty lights, ornaments,
,etc. They like to put the
Christmas tree than anybody else
and they celebrate Jesus's Birthday
on Christmas Day on Church.
El Salvador Christmas's Fireworks

Their Christmas's Fireworks are
colorful like red, green, white,
orange,pink ,etc. They do it every
The Christmas Lights in El Salvador

They decorated like disco lights,
colorful lights , ornaments ,etc.
I will like to be there again.
El Salvador Christmas Food / Dessert

Their Christmas food is Pupusas.
Pupusas are a cheesy, good, and
tortilla.Pupusas are made up 2 tortilla
and the cheese in the between the 2
tortilla. They are the best food in the

El Salvador Santa Claus

We all know that Santa Claus
just give us gifts, but in El
Salvador Santa Claus is considered
a gift to the children that are sick.
Santa is a cure of happiness to the children
that are sick . It helps children to
feel better. Santa Claus gives gift to
the Sick Children too.
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