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team 4 the nature of Technology

you think you know about technology? think again, this prezi will teach you alot about tech

omar abdelghani

on 30 March 2014

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Transcript of team 4 the nature of Technology

Team 4
the Nature of

Omar Abdelghani
Cheif Prezi Editor
Moutasim Kheir
Homework,Quizzes and Tests
Ola Mohamed
Poster Creator and Designer
Mohammed Tawfieg
Photos, Videos, and Music
Mr. Jackson
Our great teacher
Prezi Editor and Poster Designing Helper
Downloadable Apps

Having Conversations
Having conversations became easier when mankind invented phones. Instead of going to someones house all you have to do is dial their phone number and call them. It is that simple!
Sending Messages
Messages are a very important part of technology, its important to talk to other people sometimes, because without conversation no humanity.
videos are important too! without videos nobody can really watch anything on tv or on a computer, or anything with pixels!!! here are a few videos about the latest technology:
There are billions, if not trillions of apps in the world. from music apps, and game apps to buisness apps and lifestyle apps: apps make a HUGE effect on society.
Transportation, like any other type of technology has impact on the society, because without transportation , we can't get anywhere or get anything from anywhere far away. Up here are a few examples.
Cameras have always been popular, since portraits are WAY more expensive than cameras, its impact on the society is HUGE, you see photos everywhere!!!
Music is historic, there has been music longer than anyone can remember. to prove that music has a impact on the society, who is this famous singer?
its Michael Jackson!!!! the king of pop obviously. if you don't know him, I pity you
The goal of technology is to modify the world to meet human needs.
Technology uses science to modify the world.
Technology effects the society by upgrading it to make life easier.
the ages of technology
The Stone Age
Technology has been around for thousands of years. From the stone age long ago to the information age now.
The stone age is a time area in which people would use stone to create tools and weapons (spears, axes, spades etc...) to hunt for food and grow crops.
The Iron age
When the supply of food became more durable people started to live in farming communities and use iron to make weapons and tools.In the iron age many machines were invented such as the water wheels and grain mills.
The Information age-the current age- the ultimate age
When food supplies became higher people have left farming and moved to cities.The information age has had a large impact on societies around the world.Now we can easily search information and communication has become easier.Many of the electronic devices were created during the Information age.Such as computers smartphones etc...
Key terms
Engineer-A person who is trained to use both technological and scientific knowledge to solve a practical problem.
The Impact technology has on society
Technology has a positive and negative impact on society. For example cars, they make transportation easy but now the car fumes are polluting the environment.Social networks are another great example, they make talking with friends easier but it has led to a lot of cyber bullying which caused some people to commit suicide.Another good example is the television,it is entertaining and informative in many ways but influences the minds of young viewers.
Maaz Murtada
Technology-Anything that solves a practical problem or helps meet human needs.
the internet
the internet is a worldwide network designed for communication, entertainment, business, and more, without the internet, well think about it-

books have a huge impact on the society, they are two main types of books: entertainment, and information:
a few series recommendations
a message from Omar:
you better not insult my books or your life wont be

by team 4, the greatest team
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