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No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of wifiius

Wifiius can grant people he likes lifelong strong wifi connections.
I created Wifiius because I
family connections
Wifiius is Hades`s son`s fifth cousin three times removed.
Wifiius facts
Wifiius`s symbol is the wifi sign.
Wifiius`s home
Wifiius lives in the NSA server farm where he can monitor and people he doesn`t like

Ben Burow-Flak`s god
Wifiius is the god of wireless internet.
Wifiius has the ability to give unlimited bandwidth and strength to mortals.
Wifiius`s only weakness is power outage because if there is no power nothing can run the wifi.
When Wifiius is mad at the mortals he makes their wifi really slow and have a terrible connection.
You can tell if Wifiius is in your presence if your internet connection suddenly gets much better and stronger.
Wifiius did not become known until mortals discovered how to create wifi.
Wifiius`s powers
Wifiius can hack anybody`s wifi and change their passwork if he is mad at them.
Wifiius`s arch enemy is ethernetius.
His throne is made out of wifi routers and apple devices. there is a i phone 5 carved out of floppy discs.

Wifiius has once fought a battle with technolo.
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