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Bringing Broadway to Saskatoon

Comm 300

Carissa Schweitzer

on 30 November 2009

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Transcript of Bringing Broadway to Saskatoon

Bringing Broadway to Saskatoon Encouraging the Saskatoon Community to Experience the
Exciting World of Dinner Theatre
Objectives and Outcomes Introduction Targeted Audiences Key Messages Strategy Measures of Success Recommendations 1.To incorporate dinner theatre as a vital element in the performing arts industry
2.To increase awareness of the unique services Off Broadway Dinner Theatre provides

3.To diversify audiences by expanding the way Off Broadway Dinner Theatre operates
4.To enhance partnerships between Off Broadway Dinner Theatre and the community
5.To provide a place for customers to grow and learn
“Let Off Broadway put a little New York back in your step.”
“Find your inner Broadway with the Off Broadway Dinner Theatre
“Experience the magic of the performing arts with Off Broadway.”
“Experience Off Broadway in a New York minute.”
“Off Broadway Dinner Theatre: Let our family meet yours.”

Size of the audience
Customer satisfaction
Repeat customers
Number of partnerships formed
Amount of website activity
Local Community
Local Businesses
•Seniors Aged 65+
•Single Parent Households
By working together on marketing and joint solutions to promote business in local communities, partnerships can “make big projects easier and less stressful for everyone.” (Pods, 2009).
•Website (movie listings and interactive blog)
As said by Stephen Sondheim, “All the best performers bring to their role something more, something different than what the author put on paper. That’s what makes theatre live. That’s why it persists.” Summary of Presentation Introduction
Scope and Method
Analysis of Theatre Industry
Objectives and Outcomes
Targeted Audiences
Key Messages
Measures of Success

Theatre has maintained a strong reputation despite changing tastes and the advent of technology
Dinner theatre has been around since the 1970s

The Off Broadway Dinner Theatre:
Is a local, privately owned organization
Has been in operation for 13 seasons
Receives no corporate or government funding
Offered to customers are:
Buffet-style meals
Liquor menus
Children’s Theatre
Christmas traveling shows
Murder mysteries
Variety shows

Scope and Method •Create strong key messages
•Relevant mediums for each stakeholder group
•Useful methods of measuring success
Analysis of the Theatre Industry Strengths
Established a fan base
Membership in Broadway Business Improvement District (BBID)
Adapting to a new performance medium
Create an interactive website
Promote low ticket prices
Promote children’s theatre
Budget Timeline conclusion Kyla Gillespie • Carissa Schweitzer • Morgan Zich • Nicole Lamontagne • Emily Scansen • Matthew McKillop
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