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Shared a 5 Star Event

No description

Remington Romanowski

on 23 February 2017

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Transcript of Shared a 5 Star Event

Service Hours
Status Update
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Kayleigh Peffers: Junior, Alzheimer's Walk participant, Salvation Army Bell Ringer
Kelsey Thomas: Senior, Shelter advocate and volunteer
Angie Knapp: Master's program, fundraiser planning for Relay for Life
Nicole Carlin: Master's program, fundraiser planning for Relay for Life
Shaylin Mccann: Sophomore, Relay for Life captain
Courtney Lyczynski: Junior,
Megan Liede: CLASS STANDING, Tailgate bonding, Salvation Army Bell Ringer
Nicole Young: Senior, Certificate designer for Vagina Warriors
Sarah Hughes: Senior, Certificate designer for Vagina Warriors, Volunteer for refugee transitioning
Kelsey Blasdell:
Kaitlyn Keeting:
Kassidy Duncan: Sophomore, Rake N Run Participant, Bra-Bowl volunteer
Paige Donis: Junior, Court Appointed Special Advocate, Bra-Bowl Volunteer
Ashley Modrzynski:
Natalie Devolder: Freshman,
Jamie Poel: Sophomore, Relay for Life participant, Vagina Monologues Back stage
William Cromwell: Senior, Backstage crew for Vagina Monologues
Nicole Martin: Sophomore, T-shirt designer

As a group we have a total of 777.2 hours. That averages out to about 20.4 hours per person. Our hours were earned through participation in multiple agencies, activities, and charities. We are proud to have worked with refugee transition groups, animal shelters, and schools. We have taken the role of nursing home companions, court room advocates, and supporters of causes near and dear to our hearts.
Shared Some Memories
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This year we had bonding events planned each month. We had a blast bowling, playing corn hole at homecoming, and eating dessert at our desert competition. We also wrote a grant to travel to Hull House in Chicago where we visited the origin of social work in America!
As a group dedicated to service, we love helping our community. Here are some of our community service projects.
Other Involvement
We had a table at Founders Day. We were able to show people what our RSO is about and interact with other RSOs. We had representatives who went to the Founders Dinner
About Us
Crop Walk
Shared a 5 Star Event
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We are the Social Work Association! We are a professional RSO that promotes the social work core competencies of social justice, service, competency, dignity and worth of a person, important of human relationships, and integrity. We currently have 38 active members. As a Five Star Organization, we were able to spread the word about social workers, collaborate with other groups, expand our experiences and skills "toolbox", and bring back to Ferris State University, Big Rapids, and communities all around the world.
The Social Work Association
We walked to end hunger!
October 4, 2015
Our Profile

Today we put on a production called The Vagina Monologues at Williams Auditorium! It was great! It was a theater production about issues and experiences many women face in today's world such as rape and sexuality. It helped bring entertainment and awareness about women's rights to campus. We collaborated with some great groups such as AEGIS, NAACP, NOW, WISE... We even collaborated with different campus and community groups such as Nancy Baldwin, Ala Mode Cafe, Crankers, Different By Design, Fabulous Finds, FLITE, KFC and Long John Silver's, Museum of Sexist Objects, Samuel's Law Office, Schuberg's Bar & Grill, Student Psychology Association, and Dr. David Pilgrim and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.
February 19, 2016 7:30pm
at Williams Auditorium
Shared a 5 Star Event
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Howdy! Today the production of Theater Delta was hosted. We are so excited and proud of have brought Theater Delta to Ferris State for the first time. The production was not only a theater production, but also an open discussion about the "isms" including racism, sexism, and homophobia. The discussion was a great way to orient new students and refresh current students about what the "isms" look like and how to stop the cycle of hate on campus. This 5 Star event couldn't have been done without our cosponsors NAACP, You Beautiful Black Woman, PRSSA, The Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Muslim Student Organization, and Student Government.
October 29, 2015 7:00pm
at The University Center
Rake and Run
SWA loves helping out the community. We aren't afraid of getting dirty.
October 25, 2015
Every semester we have a can and food drive. The food is donated to Manna food pantry. We return the cans so we can make donations to community organization like WISE Women's Aid.
Each Semester
Can and Food Drives
Alzheimers Walk
Metron hosted the Alzheimer's Walk. We are dedicated to service and the importance of human relationships so this event was perfect. We assisted set up, signed community members up, cheered people on, and cleaned up the park. We were asked back for next years walk!
September 19, 2015
Donation to WISE
We were very proud to partner with WISE for our production of the Vagina Monologues. We raised 1200.00 dollars to support the services they offer here in Western Michigan.
March 21, 2016
The Bra Bowl
In addition to our donation to WISE, we collected over 300 bras to be donate to Freethegirls.org. Freethegirls.org helps support women who have been trafficked all over the world.
February 15-18, 2016
E-Board Members
Malaika Montague
Vice President
Sam Baeten
Victoria Bosen
Morgan Mcgaffigan
Remi Romanowski
Community Chair
Hello! Welcome to our portfolio. We created a mock social media page to show you what we've done over the year. Thank you for giving this opportunity to show our involvement on campus, in the community, and around the world.
-The Social Work Association
Hello followers, we would like to take a minute to thank our members for being a part of this team!
Melanie Shafer: Sophomore,
Makayla Holloway: Sophomore, Relay for Life Captain
Ivy Bell: Junior, Vagina Monologues actress
Chelsea Boynton: Junior, Assistant Director for Vagina Monologues
Becca Marchetti: Sophomore, Coordinated with Greek organizations for bra bowl participation
Nettie Welch: Senior, Salvation Army Bell Ringing
Elizabeth Teddy: Sophomore, Salvation Army Bell Ringer
Mark Morales: Junior
Anna Rivera: Freshman, Vagina Monologues actress
Micah Jones: Senior
Kaylee Rosa: Sophomore, Food/Can Drive participant
Lottee Halm: Junior, Relay for Life fundraiser specialist
Taylor Shaver: Sophomore, Rake n Run participant, Alzheimers's walk participant, Bra-bowl volunteer
Tyler Companion: Senior, Travel Grant writer
Sabrina Floros: Junior, Vagina Monologues actress

Special Thanks To:
The Social Work Association would like to thank some of our members for their outstanding efforts and contributions to our organization, campus, community, and world.

Chelsea Boynton-Chelsea was an actress in The Vagina Monologues. She worked diligently to write, edit, and present the grant for the Vagina Monologues. She was not only a great asset to our team, she is a great asset to the Ferris State campus with her work with Title 9.

Shaylin Mccann and Makayla Holloway- These girls are our Relay for Life experts. We knew they could get the work done, and they did!

Becca Marchetti- She can write a grant, she can speak in front of a crowd, she can do it all! Becca gets work done.

Nicole Carlin and Angie Knapp- Being super busy in their Master's program was no excuse. These ladies were the heart of our Relay for Life fundraiser.

Nicole Martin- Who do we go when we need something artistic and creative? You guessed it, Nicole is our girl.

William Cromwell- Bill is not only the man behind the curtain (no literally, he made Vagina Monologues possible), but he is always willing to input new ideas. Bill is always cracking jokes and reminding us to not stress the small stuff.
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