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THRS Extreme Summer Camp 2018v1

The Honor Roll School

Cinnamon Baldwin

on 22 March 2018

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Transcript of THRS Extreme Summer Camp 2018v1

The Honor Roll School
THRS Extreme Summer Camp

3 + Field Experiences
per Week!

Extreme Summer Camp

What's In Store?
Pool Party
Exclusive Space, Staff and Programming
for Extreme Campers
Being Active is the Name of the Game for THRS Extreme Summer Camp - From Field Experiences to Action Packed Activities, Our Dolphin Camp is Constantly on the Go!

Our Summer is focused on Inspiration, Inspiration, Creation, Imagination, Innovation, and Exhilaration!


2018 Extreme Summer Camp
For Rising 5th - 9th Graders

Lunch Bunch -
Off-Campus Lunch !
What are some types of EXTREME Field Experiences?
Where else are we going to go?
Our Field Experiences change every week depending on our camp theme - there's always a new adventure awaiting our Extreme Campers!
Laser Tag
Texas Rock Gym
Top Golf
Typhoon Texas
I -Fly
Every dream of flying? Here's your chance - iFly is THE premiere indoor skydiving experience! To top it off- it's S.T.E.M. in action - you'll figure out all about Forces and Motion
Six Flags - San Antonio
Last Year we had such a BLAST - We are Doing It AGAIN!!
Calling all our EXTREME daredevil campers! The last week of camp, we'll travel to San Antonio and spend the day experiencing the thrills and excitement of Six Flags!
Building Leaders
Creating a Team Bond
Exploration and Discovery
What Types of Activities Are Offered?
Team Challenges
Make it - Take its
Gym Games
Sports and Athletics
Summer Camp Extreme Themes
Soak Up The Sun
Good Feeling
Weeks 1 - 2 (May 28th - June 8th)
No Camp May 28th
Just in Case you didn't think EXTREME Camp was FUN enough.... We've designed a summer full of exciting themes that will engage you and entertain you!
Come for 1 week or stay for the WHOLE SUMMER! You won't be disappointed!
Weeks 9 - 10 (July 23rd - August 3rd)
Weeks 3 - 4 (June 11th - June 22nd)

Best Days of My Life
Weeks 7 - 8 (July 9th - July 20th)
Drop Off and Registration
What's A Typical Day of Extreme Camp Look Like?
Before Care / Campers Choice
Any Questions?
Include your initials at the end of each post (e.g. Tony Hoang - TH or Marianne W. Russo - MWR)
Community Service Projects
3 + Field Experiences A Week
Summertime is all about seeing, experiencing and enjoying everything as much as you can!
We've designed our EXTREME SUMMER CAMP to do just that! We've AMPED UP and RAMPED UP what we are doing and where we are going.
Get out of the House and into the WORLD!
We've even got a WEEKLY Lunch Bunch - that's right - We've got an OFF-CAMPUS LUNCH each week -
There's so much to see and do!
Every Week - One Field Experiences is in the GREAT OUTDOORS!
Orienteering...Geocaching...Biking...Hiking...Kayaking... Golfing...Fishing
Did you know that Houston is called "The Bayou City"? Or that it is with in 30 miles of the best bird-watching in the U.S.? Being OUTSIDE will give us hands-on, real life, local learning!
Fridays are FRIYAYS!
Every Friday, we've got a fantastic day planned for our Extreme Campers - we'll start by making breakfast together to get the day going right. Campers will jump right into their Final TEAM Challenge of the week.
We celebrate the end of the week with a Pool Party - complete with Pizza, Popscicles and some Party Music and Games! You won't want to miss out!
Our Field Experiences are designed to get our Campers moving! From learning to rock climb to a scavenger hunt at the mall to digging and creating a garden- one of our goals of Extreme Camp is to get PHYSICAL. We'll always be learning new skills and seeing new sites !
6:30 am - 6:30 pm
Weeks 5 - 6 (June 25th - July 6th)
No Camp July 4th
Be ready to Kick-Off Summer like you've never done before! We'll take in the sights of our Hometown and enjoy great outdoors!
We'll have a BLAST these two weeks! From a tricked-out special NASA tour to launching our own rockets to taking our own flight at iFly - we'll set the skies on fire!
Theme Specific Activities
6:30 - 8:00 am
8:00 - 8:15 am
8:15 - 9:00 am
9:00 - 9:30 am
9:30 am - 11:30 pm
11:30 - 12:30 pm
12:30 - 3:30 pm
Extreme Team Time and Snack
Daily Camp Kickoff and Challenge
3:30 - 4:00 pm
4:00 - 6:30 pm
Activity Block 1 - Off- Campus Field Experience
Lunch and Game Time
Activity Block 2 - Any activity / or combination of activities
from the previous list!
End of the Day Gathering
After Care / Game Room
** Activities vary day to day - But Don't Worry - We've planned TONS to do so you won't be BORED! **
Back to the 80's Dance Party
Buffalo Bayou Kayaking
Astros Baseball Game
Discovery Green
Houston Foodie Tour
Track 21
Galleria Mall
Typhoon Texas
Urban Air
Girls Day Out
Texas Rock Gym
* hone decision making skills * build self-confidence * practice confident communication * emphasize perserverance * develop empathy * build negotiation skills * instill self-reliance * create empowerment * develop independence * discover your best self *
Let's Keep Moving!
* create life-long friends * learn to work together * value strengths and differences of your peers * encourage trust and cooperation * strengthen listening and brainstorming skills * practice accountability * engage in risk taking in a safe environment * discover the power of positivity * channel resourcefulness * belonging to a community * display a sense of pride*
* kindle inspiration * create passion - express curiosity * stimulate open-mindness * increase a love of learning - experience new things * learn to be a good steward * heighten observation skills * investigate the world in new ways * unplugging and connecting with the real-world *

Creation Station
Outdoor Skills and Adventure
Leadership 101
Special Guests
Camper & Camp Spirit Challenges
Game Room
Visit our Website http://www.thehonorrollschool.com for more information
Call us at (281) 265 -7888
Click Here to Register:

What makes you happy? Sports? Shopping? Trying new things? Checking out new places? Hanging out with friends? We've got you covered!
We'll spend these two weeks making the most of
our Summer! We've got a special spa day for our gals and special sports day for our guys planned!
These two weeks are filled with tons more things to make you feel good!
Last TWO WEEKS of Summer Camp! They will jam-packed with exciting activities and awesome destinations to make sure this was the BEST SUMMER EVER!! Six Flags FIESTA Texas - For sure!
We've Added LOTS of
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