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A Long Walk to Water Book Report

No description

Caighley E

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of A Long Walk to Water Book Report

All About...
All about the book...
This is a slightly different book. It is a mix of a biography and a a realistic fiction story. There is a real character and a fake character.

All about the author...
Linda Sue Park is a 55-year-old born on March 25, 1960. She has won a John Newbery Medal Award.
Main Characters
The main characters in
A Long Walk to Water
are Salva and Nya. Salva is the real character and Nya is the fake character. Salva grows up through the book and Nya stays the same age.
The antagonists in this book is the Nuer tribe and the rebels. The rebels are the ones that made Salva leave his town and the Nuer are the antagonists too because they are constantly fighting about land with the Dinka tribe.
Book Plot
The exposition in the book was when Nya was walking to the pond. It was also when he was at the village.

The book rising action was when the rebels were in Salva's village in the beginning.

The conflict was when he was walking to get to the refugee camps.
The Climax
The climax was when Salva reached America and saw his new family for the first time. For Nya, it was when they were building the new water pump.
Falling Action
The falling action of the book was when Salva saw his parents and family for the first time in a long time. The falling action for Nya was when she saw the finished water coming out of the ground for the first time.
The resolution of
A Long Walk to Water
was when Salva and Nya meet for the first time and it is when Nya sees the pump in the ground. Also when she gets a sip of the clear water for the first time.
I would recommend this book to some people. I would recommend this book to people who like complex reading. People who like to read what is written on the page and not think about it would not like this book. Deep, complex readers would like this book.
A Long Walk To Water!
A Long Walk to Water
Book Report

Made by Caighley Espardinez
Language Arts B

Book Like No Other
This book is not like any other book. There are not many books that have two differents stories going on at the same time. This story does. It also goes on during two different time periods.
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