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tomas History of Planes

No description


on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of tomas History of Planes

History of Planes
4th grade
Miss. Voss
Avro Triplane
Vickers Vimy
Flying Fortress
Jet Powered Airliner
Camberra Jet
In 1903 people invented an airplane called Avro
Triplane. It was a plane that it only had one seat. It
was made out of ropes, metal etc. It was invented
because it was the american brothers dream to fly with this machine. The impact is that you could visit many
places in a very short time. Avro triplane was the first plane created in history.
The Vickers Vimy was invented after the Avro triplane. It was created because the Avro triplane was underpowered and difficult to control. The Vickers Vimy were airplanes that were in the world war 1 bombers. The impacts are that it helped in the world war 1 and it had two seats so that made it more easy. Vickers Vimy were the second planes that people created.
The flying fortress was invented after vickers vimy. It
was invented because vickers vimy were slower and noisy than the flying fortress . It was a plane that was
heavy and they were made to fight in wars. They were weapons that won the world war 2. The impacts are that they helped in the world war 2 and they helped because they were much faster. Flying Fortress was a great invention in history.
Jet Powered Airliner was invented in 1949. It
is a jet that was faster and bigger than the others. It
was created to fly more faster and contrible. It was
a good change because it had a much smother flight
and to move people to places where they needed to
go. JPA (Jet powered airliner) was a great invention in history.
The Camberra jet was created after JPA. It was created because the JPA was a little bit noisy. This plane was a
bomber that helped to fight in battles . It helped for speed and to fight in wars. The Camberra jet was created in 1954 to replaced the JPA.
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