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Stereotypes in Mean Girls

Jessica Wyatt Marcus Yoo Andrew Pollard

Jessica Wyatt

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Stereotypes in Mean Girls

Plastics From the Movie Stereotypes Asians Girls With Eating Disorders In the Movie: "girls who eat their feelings" or "eat
nothing at all" From the Movie: The worst people you will ever meet By Jessica Wyatt,
Marcus Yoo,
and Andrew Pollard Teenage
MEAN GIRLS "A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing" In the Movie: Asians are Nerds or Cool From the Students: GENIUS, Only eat rice, Nerdy, Straight A’s or disowned, Can’t drive, Can’t talk right Jocks In the Movie: JV and Varsity Meat Heads From Urban Dictionary: Jocks:
To clear things up, there is a major difference between a jock and athletes. Jocks tend to abuse their popularity From the Students: Stupid, mean, athletic Urban Dictionary: Fat girls who wear very tight clothes. They think they can get any guy and usually end up going home alone. From the Students: Super fat or Skinny, Crazy in the head, Popular, fake, sad things Wannabes In the Movie: Desperate Wannabes Urban Dictionary: Some-one who acts like and wishes they are of a certain clique, but in truth aren’t, often they fill the more complex criteria of the clique, but miss the defining quality. Their character often seems forced. From the Students: Annoying, Low Self-esteem, Wanksta,
Desperate Burnouts In the Movie: don’t care what is going on, hungry Urban Dictionary: Being in the state of "blah" for excess amount(s) of time. Confusion about where they are, what they are doing, and where the pot is. Odds are burn outs have the slightest idea that they are in fact, burn outs. From the Students: like taco bell, long hair, wannabe rappers, lazy, skaters, black clothes Band Geeks In the Movie: Sexually Active Urban Dictionary: a group of people that seem great at first, but they really are back stabbers and heartbreakers. the group is filled with pot smokers and sex-happy whores. they love to ruin your life From the Students: Nerdy, only friends with other band kids, weird, awkward Urban Dictionary: A bunch of high school girls who think they are awesome and everybody likes them. They think people call them plastic because they are beautiful and people love them but oftentimes it is just because they are well-known fakes. From the Students: Fake, Mentally/Physically stupid, mean, pompous, bitchy Urban Dictionary: Asians are the all-powerful beings who can do anything. They are close to the top of the life chain (think like the food chain). The only beings that are more powerful than Asians are Vin Diesel and Chuck Norris. The only reason we do not actually see Asians doing these divine feats is because they do not want us to see them. Works Cited Urbandictionary.com
youtube.com (the links couldnt be added here because the website automatically embeds the videos, not the links)
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