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monochrome tv receiver

No description

Michael Marcos

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of monochrome tv receiver

Reception Mono = One Chroma = Color - refers to something
of a single color. Block Diagram of Monochrome TV Receiver VHF Amplifier
preselector UHF
Mixer UHF local
oscillator Mixer/
converter Local
Oscillator IF strip Yagi-Uda
antenna Video
detector AGC
detector Sound
trap Sound FM
receiver Audio
amplifier Speaker Video
Amplifier CRT Deflection
coils Sync
separator Horizontal
and vertical
oscillators Amp Amp V H Vertical
sawtooth Horizontal
sawtooth HVS 24-30 kV Horizontal
sawtooth Anode Five primary section
of Monochrome TV Receiver RF section IF section Video section Sound section Horizontal and Vertical
deflection section Front end or RF section IF section FM sound section Video section Horizontal and vertical deflection section Block diagram of Monochrome TV Receiver Loop
antenna Thank you ;) Prepared by:
Marcos, John Victor R.
jv_marcos08@yahoo.com Santiago, Dione Kevin T. andand
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