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My Prezi

about myself

Roxana González

on 15 January 2010

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Transcript of My Prezi

My Prezi Hi, I'm Roxana González Flores
but my friends call me
Rox or P for Passion I love my friends my books And my desserts
into baking I'm studying Industrial Engineering Because I 'm all about optimization and making things more efficient.. and that is exactly what I want to learn
How to save time, effort and money but doing things with 100% quality.
I also what to learn other things like management because.... ...wasting time and effort its a CRIME or at least it should be I plan to have my own succesful buisiness along with a cute family I also want to go to Egipt Im a really good cook and baker but people dont know that because I only cook for myself and my family and learn how to surf And that's about it...Hope you liked it Oh yeah this is me by the way..
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