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The Great Gilly Hopkins

No description

Jasper john

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of The Great Gilly Hopkins

The Great Gilly Hopkins
By: Katherin Paterson

Chapter 5
Chapter 1
In chapter 1 there is a girl named Gilly but her real name is Gadadriel Hopkins and Gilly is getting drove by Miss.Ellis to her new home to meet her new foster parents the Trotters because Gilly is in foster care. On the way to the Trotters Miss Ellis gave Gilly a brush to get the gum out of her hair.
Eleven- year- old Gilly Hopkins is famous for being brash, brilliant, and completely unmanageable.None of her foster homes has been able to tame her yet. So when Gilly is sent to live with the Trotters-by far the strangest foster family of all-she decides to put her brilliant mind to work. What she needs is a plan that will make her real mom rescue her so she can stop being a foster child once and for all.
But the rescue does not work out quite the way Gilly planned............
Chapter 2
In chapter 2 Mr.Trotter brought Gilly to her new room that was the size of a station wagon and than Gilly went down stairs and saw W.E or as some people call him William Ernest watching sesame street.
Chapter 3
In chapter 3 Gilly woke up and looked into her dresser mirror and realized that her hair was a messy from having the bubble gum in her hair the day before. Then Gilly went to get sign up for her new school, also getting her new school supplies.

She is so prepared for school............
Chapter 4
In chapter 4 Gilly met Agnes Stokes the next day at recess and Courtney wrote Gilly a letter saying that Gilly moved and that Courtney misses her. Gilly read the letter 3 times because she misses Courtney so much. Also Gilly met
Mr. Randolph and helped him with his house work.
Chapter 10 and 11
in chapter 10 and 11 the week before Thanksgiving, Mr Randolph came down with the flu.It was not a bad case of the flu. Dread layed on Gillys belly like a dead fish on a beach.
Chapter 14 and 15
In chapter 14 and 15, Gilly wrote W.E a letter and then Barbara Harris wrote Gilly letter, and W.E wrote Gilly back , also Gilly wrote a letter to miss Harris. W.E wrote Gilly another letter and Gilly wrote W.E back. In the end Gilly finally got to see her mom once again.
In chapter 5 Agnes Stokes was waiting outside for school the next morning, Gilly's first thought was to turn around and walk away.
Chapter 8 and 9
In chapter 12 and 13 Gilly went to a dinner with Trotter and had crispy chicken. The next day W.E cried, big,silent tears catching the corners of the frame of his glasses and spiling down his cheeks.
Chapter 12 and 13
In chapter 11
Chapter 16
!!!!!!!!!!!thanks for watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 6 and 7
In chapter 6 Agnes Stokes was waiting outside when she started for school. Gilly walked right past Agnes without talking to her.
in chapter 8 and 9 Gilly had a test and it was a History test. Also Gilly sent a letter to her mom Courtney. After school Miss Ellis talked to Gilly about stealing money
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