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Social Stratification in Irish Society

No description

Jennifer Lynch

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Social Stratification in Irish Society

What is Social Stratification
Sociologists use the term social stratification to describe the inequalities that people experience in society.
Inequality in Ireland tends to be understood in terms of the gross differences between the majority of the population
The lowerclass are made up of the poor, the long term unemployed and marginalized groups such as travellers and old people

Three theories relating to social stratification
Functionalist state that inequality is
, indeed
to society.
They state that providing big bonuses and salaries created innovation and the creation of wealth.

Marxist theory
Karl Marx believed that society was divided between two classes the Bourgeois (upper class) and the Proletariat (lower class).
Max Weber theory of social stratification
Three key aspects of power/capitalism
economic power-class(people only have their labor,manual strength, intellect to sell this is unequal to those who own capital)
prestige-status similar class position, cultural superiority having the right sort of house, car clothing
political power-party shaping social inequality , refusal to accept groups with different backgrounds.
Society can be divided into three sections
Upper class

Middle class

Lower Class

Social Stratification in Irish Society
Thank you!
Ireland is often thought of as a classless society,
this does not mean that people do not experience inequalities
Simply put functionalists say that it is necessary that surgeons and company directors have greater wealth than cleaners or bus drivers.
Karl Marx argued that we live in a capitalist society which is unequal. There is a small number of bourgeois who control all the wealth and capital. The proletariat only have their labor to sell and survive on minimal wage. Marx insisted that in order for things to change the proletariat had to rise up and cause a revolution.

Fee-paying schools still sending most students on to third level The elite group of 56 schools, with typical day-pupil fees of €5,000, send all or most of their students to college.

That is also matched by many schools in the free-education system, the 2011 college entry figures show.

However, a class divide leaves many schools in disadvantaged areas at the low end of the table.

Private health care
Public healthcare
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