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What Did I Learn?

No description

Marita Musser

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of What Did I Learn?

Note taking made fun with doodles
Latin derivatives help students improve vocab...
read more on pg. 4
Doodle Notes
Presenting to an Audience
Robyn Saunders, a teacher at The Wider School teaches her students how to make note taking fun with doodle notes, which is doodling and drawing picture in your notes. Even the non artistic students caught on quickly and produced creative notes. "I used to hate taking notes but now I have actually learned to enjoy it and looking back at my doodle notes, really helps me remember what we learned in class!" Says Marita Musser, a student at The Wider School.
Here is an example of doodle notes
At the Wider school, students learn how to present things in front of the class. This was a stretch for some of the kids at the beginning of the year but by the end of the year everybody was a pro at presenting their ideas and projects in front of an audience. They even had a presentation night where their friends and family members came to see what they did for their genius hour project.
Tuesday May 13, 2014
volume I
8th grade student from The Wider School works hard to start her own business. "We had to do a project called genius hour and that's what started the whole thing!" said Marita Musser. Musser has already sold her products at an art show and homeschool convention. She plans to attend some craft shows where she will also sell her plaques.
"My business is called Marita's Masterpieces, Photography Letter Art.
Genius Hour Project Turns Into A Profit
The Wider School Times
Which is when you take pictures of things in nature, architecture, etc. that look like letters and then make them into words. My specialty is making them into wooden plaques that can set on a shelf or mantle." Explains Marita.
She also does custom plaques with last names, children's names, etc.

Below is an example picture of a plaque that says L O V E
You can LIKE
Marita's Masterpieces
on facebook
Or FOLLOW Marita's Masterpieces on instagram!
What did I learn?
Students discover the importance of water quality and macro-invertebrates in our local streams...
read more on pg. 7
Students learn how to present to an audience
History Made Fun!
creative and hands on way to learn history
The Wider School students loved learning history with creative techniques!
Field trips
were a
great way
to make history
come to life!
Marita Musser loved
using her artsy skills
to help her learn
about history!
Making GIANT doodle
notes was also a
fun way to learn
about History!
What did I learn?

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