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on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Kansas

Historic Location
The Whiteford (Price) Site was designated in 1964. It was a archaeological site. It was an human occupation during 1000-1300 AD.
Geographic Location
The Great Plains coves most of eastern Kansas. The Great Plains is flat.
Arrowhead Stadium
This is Arrowhead Stadium. It's the home of the Kansas City Chiefs. I chose the Arrowhead stadium because it is very popular. It has sold every seat from the 1990s to early 2010. The capacity is 79,451 people.
This is the Kansas state capitol. The Kansas state capitol. I choose this because it is in the capital, Topeka. This is where the govornor works.
Manufacturing is popular in Kansas. Wichita is nickname the air capital of the world. Aircraft are the leading manufacturing in the state. Manufacturing is the biggest in Kansas economy.
This is part of the great plains.
This is a wheat field.

10 fun facts of Kansas
1. State flower is Sun Flower.
2. Barry Sanders was born in Wichita
3. State tree is Cottonwood
4. State Animal is Buffaloe
5. State Song is "Home on the Range."
Beef is the national farm product. Manufacturing is main thing of the economy
They manufactured airplanes.
In 1861 Kansas become a state. The civil war began. In 1863 a civil war battle took place in Lawence. In 1804 Lewis and Clark pass through Kansas. In 1806 Zebolan Pike explores Kansas.
In the west the Great Plains cover most. In the west Hills and rivers cover east.
The govoner is Sam Brownback. There are 2 senators.
Road distance
Wichita to Salina is 93.6 miles
Salina to Great Plains is 203 miles
Great Plains to Kansas state capitol is 309 miles
Topeka to Arrowhead stadium is 71.1 miles
Arrowhead Stadium to Wce is 603 miles
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