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How did the Black Death and the Crusades effect the Medieval

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Courtney Smith

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of How did the Black Death and the Crusades effect the Medieval

How did the Black Death and the Crusades effect the Medieval Life?
The Black Death
The Crusades
Connected facts
Long Term effects
Short Term effects
Short term effects
By Courtney Smith
When the Black Death occurred, many people suffered its effects to the body. From this, many died and the European village populations decreased an awful amount.

There were peasants who were given new powers of authority over land, as the previous landowner may have died from the Black Death.
Because of the great effects from the Black Death, the feudal system was changed by including a new class. This new class of people was called the Middle Class.
Unfortunately, there was no short term effects of which could be found in the information we were given.
Long term effects
When the Crusaders returned from their long journey/ies, they also returned new products and supplies of which improved their hygiene and life really. These products and supplies were/are:
Mattresses and many more delicacies.
Not only did the Crusaders bring back new products and etc. with them, but they also brought back new opportunities with them for their village.
They returned with new forms of education to teach the village children, and adults, instead of just teaching them only one form of education to all boys and girls.
The Crusaders returned being able to:
Do Mathematics more easily
And with these new forms of education, both boys and girls don't have to learn just one lesson everyday of which would've been: cooking and cleaning for the girls, and fencing for the boys with some other form of education before the new forms of education.

Because of the new forms of education, that were brought back with the Crusaders, these new education techniques gave the Europeans new opportunities for careers and life styles. Before, they wouldn't have had very much for a life.
The Children's Crusade
Population Decrease
New Life Style
New Class
Gained or Nothing?
At the end of the Crusades, nothing was gained, meaning keeping their claim of a country for example, that was the Crusaders' main goal to complete. However, they may not have realized it at the time, but what they gained was a new life for themselves and for the rest of the Europeans.
Cleverness, Useless and Laziness
When the Crusaders returned from the Holy Land/s, there were some men who were clever enough to come up with the trade route to help carry new products forward and back. However, it was rarely used because of the wars that would have been on at the time.
Over the years, some Crusaders returned to the Holy Lands, but this time the journey there was a waste of time, because there were Crusaders who couldn't be both to fight this time to gain more new land, and instead they robbed and killed people for their own
Black Death
Medical supply shortages in villages, lead to changes in the medical practices during the following years of the Black Death. By this, they grew their knowledge of medicines.
During their time in the Holy Land/s, the Crusaders discovered one main new medical supply that could help save more people in their villages. This new type of medical help were drugs, and even still today, the drugs were used as pain killers (anesthetic) if limbs or other surgical events occurred for the patient to survive etc.
Black Death
Because of the devastation that the Black Death had brought to the Europeans, it also weakened their influence in the Catholic Church. And because there were some Priests who died from the Black Death, this led to some villagers losing their respect for their Catholic Church.
As said in one of the previous slides, the Crusaders brought back new opportunities for the Europeans. And one of the new opportunities was religion. They brought back new ways to pray, and they brought back the idea, of which was discovered my Muslims, of the Rosary Beads. The Rosary Beads were beads threaded through string, counting the amount of times you've prayed to the Lord.
The Children's Crusade did last for very long, because the children either died during their journey to the Holy Lands, or were tricked and captured by slave traders. They didn't exactly know what was ahead of them, for all they had to comfort them were their dreams and each other.
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