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Is The War Measures Act a good thing for Canada?

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justin duker

on 16 March 2016

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Transcript of Is The War Measures Act a good thing for Canada?

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-Even though many times well the War Time Measures Act was put into place, there were a certain group of people who suffered more then others. In World War One with the immigrants from the enemy country's being placed in interment camps. Or the Japanese in World War 2 who had cretin rights temporarily revoked after a deadly riot. During the October crisis where suspected FLQ members or supporters were arrested in an attempt to stop any further growth in popularity or members.
-During Times of War cretin things need to be done to lower any potential risk of attack within the own boarders of the country. Any attack with in its own boarders big or small would have devastating out comes for Canada and the Government of Canada knew that so in WW1 they had to take those steps.
-In WW2 with the deadly riots in B.C, if the riots were so spread to different city's even more lives could be lost and many more injured and much more damage done to property.
-The October Crisis, if the suspected supporters and members were not of arrested and put in a safer place, more members could of joined the FLQ and could of been even more radical then the other which could lead to more deaths.
Every thing that was done well the War Measures act was in place was with reason
-The October Crisis was the worst terrorist act to be committed on Canadian soil in Canada's history committed by the FLQ (Front de libération du Québec).
-The October Crisis started when the British trade commissioner was kidnapped by members of the FLQ in October 5th 1970
-October 10th 1970 FLQ members kidnapped the Labor minister of Quebec.
- on October 12th the Canadian Army was sent in my federal requests to patrol Montreal area.
-October 16th The War time Measures Act was put into place to better assist the police and military to stop the terrorist group FLQ.
-The use of the act was well supported by both English speaking and french speaking Canadians.
-During the time the act was in place, 465 suspected terrorist group members and supporters of the FLQ in an attempt to lower the risk of new supporters or members joining the FLQ.

The Detainment of FLQ members and supporters was needed to lower the risk of new supporters joining the FLQ
-World War 2 was the second time in Canada's history that the War Measures Act was out into place.
-The War Measures Act was put into place on August 25th 1939 to help sustain Canada's regularity way of life during the war.
- During the time the War Measures Act was in place, 12,000 Japanese Canadians were placed in interment camps after violent riots in British Columbia broke out which led many dead and many more injured. The Riots were about how Japanese decedents had to be registered with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Be for the violent Riots there were protests about how Japanese were no longer able to own property or own any Fire Arms, ammunition or Explosives to help lower the risk of an attack within Canada's Boarders. The Japanese people who were placed in Interment Camps had their property sold to better fund the war effort of the Canadian Army.
-Factory's were also converted again during the second world war to produce more arms and equipment and arms for the Canadian Military.
-World War One was the First time The War Measures Act was put into place.
- After The United Kingdom sent a telegram message to Canada informing them that on behalf of Great Britain that war has been declared with Germany on August 4th 1914. On August 22nd 1914 the War Measures Act was passed and put into place.
-After The Act was put into place, factors were converted to produce arms and equipment for the war.
-Immigrants from the Enemy Country's had their movement restricted to lower the risk of a possible risk of an attack from within the boarders.
-Any one thought to be a sympathizer for enemy nations were arrested and put in interment camps to lower the risk the the number of supporters for the enemy's side.
War Measures Act in WW1 was a needed measure to take to ensure of every ones safety with in Canada
The War Measures act is a necessary stature to have for times of need for Canada like War, Invasion, Civil War or Civil unrest.
-The War Measures Act was passed on 22 of August in 1914 unopposed.
-In the time the stature was passed, it was only put into place three time.
-The War Measures Act was originally created for the up coming arrival of Canada in the First world War.
The War Measures Act is a good thing for Canada to have.
Justin Duke
For The Greater Good
-Nothing was Done with out real reason with the safety in mind of others well the War Measures Act was put into place.
The Placement of the Japanese in interment camps was a needed step to take for every ones safety.
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