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Partnerships in sport Development...

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on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Partnerships in sport Development...

Partnerships in sport Development...
Examples of National agencies....
Greater Sport Partnerships...
Sport England Partnerships...
UK Sport
Youth Sport Trust
Greater Sport - Aims...
To bring education and physical activities together in the communities
To get people physically active in Greater Manchester
Improve the number of clubs, coaches and volunteers.
Sport England - Aims...
To increase skills & life opportunity.
Change life through sport
What is partnership working???
Benefits of partnerships...
Better problem analysis
Accessing resources
Pooling of resources
Closer engagement with public
Improved effectiveness & efficiency
Negatives of partnership working...
Enforced partnerships
Power struggles
Expensive & time consuming
Losing sight of scheme
Planning problems
Different cultures & working environments
Factors that influence a partnership...
Time scale
Type of partner
•Use sport and recreation as a fundamental part of the planning and delivery of sustainable communities
•The development of partnership working using sport and active recreation as a common interest.
County sports partnerships
UK Sport
Youth Sport Trust
National lottery
History of Sport Development
Joint working
Working together
Partnership Working
Sport England- What they do...
Sport England is working to increase the number of people who play sport regularly. They aim to make lives better through sport.
See more people take part in sport and encourage a sporting habit for life
create more opportunities for young people
nurture and develop talent
provide the right facilities in the right places
support local authorities and unlock local funding
ensure real opportunities for communities
Sport England and Youth Sport Trust common goals...
Sport England
School games partnerships
Sport England is the lottery distributor and supports the engagements of sports governing bodies and county sport partnership. Sport England is also a key partner in shaping the programmes strategic direction
Greater Sport- What they do...
Greater Sport aims are to
bring communities together and increase the participation in sport around Manchester.

They aim to change lives through sport.
Greater Sport - Why they are doing it...
Greater Sport
A partnership is defined as a voluntary agreement between two or more organisations to work cooperatively toward a set of shared out-comes.
'Get on track' Programme
Greater Sport and Link4life have worked in partnership to produce the 'Get On Track' programme.

This scheme is a 16 day sports participation programme that creates stepping stones for young people to move towards participation, volunteering, training and work opportunities.

The scheme targets young people aged 16-25 who are not in education, employment or training.
Get on track...
Enables young people to develop the self-discipline, motivation and confidence they need to improve their chances of finding a job.
The sports council was established and addressed the lack of structure and co-ordination in UK Sport.
In the 1970s 'Sport for All' was promoted by the Sports Council.
Action Sport programmes aim was to promote sport to youngsters in the inner cities and to increase participation, especially to the unemployed.
Sports council became Sports England
Sport England developed a range of grass-roots & community sport policies and programmes that had an impact across the country.
The development of partnerships was a new strategy to combine the activities of the sports, recreation and health sectors to achieve a range of public health sectors mostly those related to obesity.
The creation of cross-sectoral partnerships has been used as a strategy to achieve community change and improve health as said by the World Health Organisation.
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(Hylton & Bramham, 2008)
National lottery
Sport programmes...

The national lottery is incredibly important to sport in England as 22% of the total funding for sport came from the national lottery.
New opportunities for PE & Sport
New opportunities for PE & Sport (NOPES) programme was intended to refurbish and build new indoor & out door sports facilities for both school & community use.
NOPES was based upon a system where every local education authority in England was given a specific amount of funding for facility projects in their communities.
Partnerships of relevant stakeholders were required in order to lead the development of the NOPES programme.
All of the national agencies have one common goal and that is to increase the participation of sport within the UK. Not only is partnership important, it is essential if sport is to develop throughout the UK. The partnerships example we have looked at all aim to promote sport within England. In addition the National Lottey plays a key role within sports and funding.
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Partnership working works on different levels through the sporting industry Local, Regional & National
(Hylton & Bramham, 2008)
Youth Sport Trust..
Youth sport trust is a charity that aims to change peoples life through sport.
They work to-
Give every child a sporting start through PE in schools.
Give all children a sporting chance.
All young people to be supported to achieve their sporting best in school and in life.
Link 4 Life
Trying to increase participation rates in taking part in physical activitys around Greater Manchester.
Greater Sport & Link4Life common goals....
They both aim to get people healthy and active in Greater Manchester and encourage participation in sport
By Vicky Dillon
Matt Gartland
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