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Greek God Research Project: Aphrodite

No description

Ian Ellsworth

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Greek God Research Project: Aphrodite

Greek God Mini Research Project:
Iliad Introduction God/Goddess Aphrodite In Greek mythology, the gods often represented different forms of nature. Their religion/mythology had no formal structure with the exception oof various festivals held in honor of the gods. There was no sacred nook or code of conduct to live by. The most powerful Greek gods were known as Olympians. The Greeks believed the Olympians lived on the highest mountain in Greece, Mount Olympus. Background Information SHE'S A NATURAL WOMAN The affectionate white or turtle-dove was the bird of love, was a bird sacred to the goddess Aphrodite. Doves were said to draw her heavenly chariot, and the Syrian Aphrodite Ashtarte was said to have been hatched from an egg nursed by doves.

The white goose was sacred to Aphrodite. She was often depicted riding one side-saddle.

Usually associated with Apollon, in art, Aphrodite also occasionally appears riding on the back of a swan (in place of her usual goose).

The pig was an animal believed to be offensive to the goddess Aphrodite, for it was a wild swine which gored to death her beloved Adonis. Pig-sacrifice was therefore prohibited in her cult, except in Kypros and Argos where pigs were offered to assuage her grief for Adonis.

The sparrow was a bird sacred to the goddess Aphrodite. The apple and apple-tree were sacred to the goddess Aphrodite. She was awarded the prize of the golden apple from Paris of Troy and also bestowed golden apples upon Hippomenes in his contest to win Atalanta.

The lettuce was said to have been sacred to Aphrodite, for she lay the dead body of Adonis in a bed of these plants. It was believed to cause impotence in men.

The red rose was sacred to Aphrodite. It was said to have blushed or been stained red when Aphrodite cut her feet on its thorns rushing to the aide of her dying lover Adonis.

The sea-born pearl was the regarded as the stone of love, and so sacred to the goddess Aphrodite. Aphrodite was the great Olympian goddess of pleasure, joy, beauty, love and procreation. POWER Aphrodite had the power to make any man fall in love with her, as well as make any person fall in love with a another person at first sight. Goddess of:

Sex And Procreation
Pleasure And Happiness

Aphrodite was very beautiful, wore elegant clothing, and loved to wear jewelry Appearance Roman Name Venus (like the planet) Personality Aphrodite was very unfaithful and jealous. She was married while she had affairs with three other gods and two humans. If there was a human woman that was very beautiful, she might cast a spell on her so that people would not praise her on her beauty. The colors for ritual candles for Aphrodite, and objects that symbolize love are associated with her. Interesante She was judged most beautiful out of three Goddesses

She had over 19 children

She was wounded in "the" war. Aphrodite
Prostitution ...where a Goddess is closer than heaven ;) 69 Pearly Gates Avenue aphroditeisaharlot@gamil.com (860)-689-0000 Works Cited http://www.theoi.com/Olympios/Aphrodite.html
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