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Sinking In The Float Pool

No description

Meghan O'Dell

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of Sinking In The Float Pool

Sinking In The Float Pool
1. Float Pool Program Integration for New Nurse Residency Program
2. Integrate and fund continuing education courses relevent to interests and float pool critical need areas in the hospital system.
3. develop and implement acuity system and concurrent policies and procedures relevent to patient care assignments for all units
4. Two week "float" orientation requirement for all unit-based new hire orientees + monthly mandatory float requirements
5. Conduct a Patient Flow Specific Appreciative Inquiry Workshop

Float Pool Program Integration for New Nurse Residency Program
Patient Flow or "Float Pool" nursing maintains a significantly higher rate of nurse turnover and experiences increased difficulty in recruitment as compared to home-based units.
Inequality in patient care assignments
Unfamiliarity between varied hospital units
Assumption of requirements for superior levels of education, experience and/or training
Discomfort within certain specialties
Lack of management involvement, support, recognition
Obstacles to Recruitment & Retention in Patient Flow Nursing
Integration & Funding of Continuing Education Certifications and Training
Development & Implementation of Acuity System & concurrent Policies
Float Orientation & Monthly Mandatory Float Requirements
Patient Flow Appreciative Inquiry Workshop
Conclusions & Further Recommendations
Example: Boston Medical Center New Grad Float Pool Program
Prgram designed specifically for new grad RN's who would be exposed to floating from unit to unit without a home base.
Provide solid background in medical-surgical skills
4-5 Month Orientation Focused on Diseases & Managment of specific patient population.
Support provided by manager, educator & preceptor
Resulted in 96% Retention!
(Crimlisk, et al., 2002)
Require, but provide funding and scheduled completion time for specific specialized certifications such as ACLS, PALS, TNCC, ENPC, Basic 12 Lead, Basic Dysrhythmia.
Allow float pool staff to select two certifications within their field of interest, funding for these are provided as incentive.
According to the 2015 National Healthcare Retention & RN Staffing Report, Continuing Education is 82.2% Effective as a retention strategy.
(NSI Nursing Solutions, INC, 2015)
Results of comparative study (2012) show trend in increased level of difficulty amongst patient care assignments for float pool nurses.
"Addressing and monitoring the equality of patient care assignments of float pool nurese versus unit staff nurses may increase float pool recruitment and retention and assist health care organizations to adapt to changes in health care demand" (Larson, et al. 2012).
Determined difficulty level utilizing algorithm based on acuity scale , patient flow level and unit census.
Provide expsosure to float pool nursing experience to promote civility & understanding throughout hospital system
Promote culture of familiarity and provide thourough education for all staff on all unit policies and procedures for quality patient care
Example: AI Project through Walden University examined the effect of Appreciative Inquiry on the RN's sense of community (SOC) in a float pool and intent to remain employed post-event
Goal to engage in workshop focused on generating ideas on improving environment
AI WOrkshiops should Increase Nurses SOC therefore increasing retention
(Buck, 2015)
Implement Float Pool Program As Part of New Nurse Residency Program
Include Incentive Continuing Education in nurse residency Program & float pool
Implement Acuity System & policies on all units to strengthen program as well as hospital system in general
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