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Hero's Journey 101 Dalmatians

No description

Elizabeth D'Amico

on 18 June 2015

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Transcript of Hero's Journey 101 Dalmatians

By Hannah Pereira, Orange Block
Why I chose this movie
The reason I chose the movie 101 Dalmatians is because I really like animals, especially dogs. Also, I have always liked this movie since I was a little kid.
The Hero
Although Pongo would be considered the hero, Perdita joins Pongo on the journey to rescue their 13 kidnapped puppies.
The Herald
The Mentor
The Colonel and Danny both provide advice and direction to help Pongo and Perdita at different points on their journey.
Sergent Tibbs, trying to help Pongo and Perdita, distracts Horace and Jasper so the puppies can run and escape to somewhere safe.
Threshold Guardians
Roger and Anita would not go and try to find the puppies with Pongo and Perdita deciding to stay behind in the event they returned.
Although there were several times in which a few of the characters brought humor to the scene, there isn’t one person that continuously plays this role
Horace and Jasper pretended to be an electric company to gain entry into Roger & Anita's home but they were really there stealing the puppies.
Cruella wants the Dalmatian puppies to make a coat with their fur so she pays Horace and Jasper to steal the puppies.
The Hero's Ordinary World
Pongo and Robert, both single, were living in an apartment crowded with junk in London. Robert, a musician, always wrote songs about romance.
Call to Adventure
Refusal of the Call
Pongo’s journey was to rescue his puppies and would never have hesitated or considered ending his mission
Departure from Ordinary World
Crossing the Threshold
Pongo and Perdita run away with their new direction to go save their puppies!
Test and Trials
Pongo and Perdita reached a point in the story where they realized they were going the wrong way and decide to change their approach and changed their direction to reach their puppies - Pongo called the Colonel for help
After the ordeal Pongo and Perdita's reward was getting back their 13 puppies and keeping the 84 other puppies that had also been kidnapped
Road Back
They're still running away from Cruella deVille and Horace & Jasper. They all decide to walk on the icey lake so they can’t track their paw prints
They almost get caught by Cruella deVille and Horace & Jasper. All the Dalmatians roll in ashes to look like black labs. Then they were able to escape into a truck. Unfortunately, snow falls on one of the puppies and the ashes comes off. Cruella deVille notices that they it was all the puppies.
Return to New Life
Links to Sources
Images from movie and google






101 Dalmations
Directed by: Clyde Geronimi

Nanny is the one that tells Roger and Anita that the puppies have been stolen making her the herald.
Pongo and Perdita meet with Danny at the park to get information to help them on their journey!
Pongo and Perdita had to go swimming through a river with a strong current and run through heavy snow to make their way to the puppies!
When Pongo and Perdita get to the puppies they have to fight off Horace & Jasper. Horace and Jasper try to attack Pongo and Perdita with metal tools.
Robert and Anita now have 101 Dalmatians instead of 15!
Pongo and Perdita's puppies were stolen!
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