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Ways to Learn the Metric System Prefixes

by Emily Burke

Emily Burke

on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of Ways to Learn the Metric System Prefixes

Importance of the Metric System Fun and Random
Ways to learn
The Metric System Prefixes Sing a Song: Yankee Doodle tune Yotta, Zetta, Exa, Peta, Tera, Giga, Mega,
kilo, hecto, deka, (base "pause") deci, centi,
micro, nano, pico, femto, atto, zepto,
yocto...repeat Learn A Song: Metric System Prefix Song Make a Sentence (by using the 1st letter of each prefix)
#1Young Zebras Eat Petunias That Grow Merrily (when) kept hot daily
(Y, Z, E, P, T, G, M, k, h, da)
#2Dogs can make you never pass freely at ziara's yard.
(d, c, m, cm/mu, n, p, f,a,z,y) Draw A Picture of Your Sentence Solve 218 problems using dimensional analysis Tips to learning
the Metric System Prefixes Only the largest 7 prefixes are capitalized
(Y, Z, E, P, T, G, and M) Both abbreviations containing a "d" are closest to the base: ("da" and "d"),
but "da" has more letters, so it is the bigger unit. The larger half of prefixes all end in "a" except for "kilo" and "hecto"
(Yotta, Zetta, Exa, Peta, Tera, Giga, Mega, deka) The smaller half of the prefixes all end in either "o" or "i".
The first 3 being "i" (deci, centi, milli)
The rest being "o" (micro, nano, pico, femto, atto, zepto, yocto) Both the smallest and largest unit prefix has a abbrev. of "y/Y"
(Yotta being Y; Yocto being y) Yotta Rhymes with lotta,
and Yotta is "A Lotta" at 10^24 The power of ten for each prefix are multiples of 3,
excpet for the 3 smallest above the base and the 3 largest below the base The base is in the exact middle of the prefixes The bottom half of the metric system are all negitive powers of ten. The powers of ten are from 10^24 ro 10^-24
being yotta and Yocto "deci" and "deka" are similar to the word "decade", being ten years. There are 20 prefixes in all; therefore, there are 10 above the base and 10 below. Hard work and studying
is all it takes to learn something new. The metric system is used in almost every country in the world (other then then United States). It was created so there would be a standard when measuring quanities. The metric system also makes it easier when making conversions. It might take a while, but it does help... Yotta: Y, 10^24 Exa: E, 10^18 Zetta: Z, 10^21 Peta: P, 10^15 Tera: T, 10^12 Giga: G, 10^9 Mega, M, 10^6 kilo: k, 10^3 hecto: h, 10^2 deka: da, 10^1 base: 10^0 deci: d, 10^-1 centi: c, 10^-2 milli: m, 10^-3 micro: mc, 10^-6 nano: n, 10^-9 pico: p, 10^-12 femto: f, 10^-15 atto: a, 10^-18 zepto: z, 10^-21 yocto: y, 10^-24 Young Zebras Eat Petunias That Grow Merrily
(when) kept hot daily dogs can make you never
pass freely at ziara's yard Front Back the prefix "centi-" and the word "century" are similiar. A century is 100 years and centi- is 1/100. Nano begins with an "n" and so does the number 9. Nano's power of ten is 10^-9 Femto starts with a "f" and so does the number 15. Femto's power of ten is 10^-15 Both the second to the top and second to the bottom prefixes start with the letter "Zz". (Zetta and zepto) It is not nessecary to memorize each one of these hints; although remembering a few will help you make sure your answers are right. What is measured in Yottagrams? mass of the earth at 5.9742 * 10^3 Yottagrams What is measured in Zettagrams? The weight of the earth's atomosphere at 5.6 Zettagrams What is measured in Exajoules? The total worldwide energy consumption
in 2008 was 474 Exajoules How much is 0.55 petagrams of Carbon? About the same weight as
5,800 Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers What is measured in Terajoules? There was about 60 terajoules released in the atomic bomb
droppen on Hiroshima. How many songs fit on a 5gigabyte ipod nano? About 1000 songs What is the difference
between mega and giga? if there was a 5 megabyte ipod nano, it would only be able to hold about 1 song. What does kilometers measure? Distance races: a 5 kilometer race is 3.1 miles Wine production is measured in hectoliters per acre What is measured
in hectoliters? What is measured in centimeters? A pack of gum could be measured in centimeters
at about 7.2cm. What is measured with a base unit? Height can be measured in meters: a person 5 ft. tall
is also about 15 meters tall What is measured in decimeters? A large crayon box is measured in decimeters
at 2.1decimeters What is measured in millimeters? A penny could be measured in millimeters at about 18mm What is measured in micrograms? Drugs and medicines are measured in micrograms: "1 hit of LSD is 50 micrograms What is measured in nanoseconds? Computer speed is measured in nanoseconds What is measured in picograms? Genomes are measured in picograms: a human genome is 3pg What is measured in femtograms? concentrations of toxic gases in the atmosphere are measured in femtograms What is measured in attograms? The mass of a small virus is about 10 attograms A yoctogram is so small there is not a measuring tool invented able to measure it A hydrogen atom would most likley weigh xx yoctograms There are not many things measured in zeptograms; although, the area of a 1zm * 1Zm rectangle would be 1m What is one dekameter long? The Straddling bus is 1 Dam long
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