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7.05 Asignacion

Like it? Follow me on IG@ clarisserizzi

Clarisse Rizzi

on 16 June 2016

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Transcript of 7.05 Asignacion

Spanish 2:
Asignación 7.05

Part E: You have been chosen to be the guide of an exchange student from Costa Rica. Before the student arrives in the US, he has asked you to give him some tips about schools in our country. Using
10 different commands
, create a presentation in which you give him tips for being successful in US schools. Your presentation should include
5 affirmative
5 negative
commands in the
tú form

Study many hours, Don’t sleep in class, etc.

To create your presentation, you may use PowerPoint, or one of the tools listed in the Web 2.0 tools area (contact your instructor if you need help). Send the presentation of the 10 commands to the teacher in under asignación 7.05 assessment page.
5 Affirmative

5 Negative
By: Clarisse Rizzi
Costa Rica
United States
Circle One
Escuches los maestros
Listen to your teachers
Ve a la escuela a tiempo
Go to school on time
Di la verdad
Tell the truth
Sé amable
Be nice
Haz la tarea todo tiempo
Do your homework all the time
No llegues tarde a la escuela
Don't be late to school
No robes
Don't steal
No duermas en la clase
Don't sleep in class
No mastiques chicle en escuela
Don't chew gum in school
No hables cuando el profesor está hablando
Don't talk when the teacher is talking
prefer not to answer
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