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The Falcon’s Malteser

No description

alex matthews

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of The Falcon’s Malteser

Nick discovers the bar code is the key to unlock the diamonds
Nick calls on all the diamond searchers to try and resolve the situation
Shoot off at the graveyard of the Falcon
The Falcon’s Malteser
By Anthony Horowitz

Lauren had stolen all the Diamonds as she had uncovered the truth
She posted one in a malteser to the Diamond brothers
They decide to go skiing over winter break
Herbert breaks his leg and all the money has to be spent on his recovery
Introducing the characters
Build up
See Naples get shot and a figure escaping the window.
Arrested by Cheif Inspector Snape
Agree to exchange knowledge
Meets Von Falkenbergs wife and is then later visited by The Professor
Gott and Himmel (german play on words) capture Nick and tie him up with Naples girlfriend Lauren
She says that Naples discovered the truth about the Diamonds at John Lewis
They escape and Nick visits John Lewis for inspiration
Chased by Gott and Himmell
About the author and basic notes on the book
Famous for writing suspense and mystery novels.
Most of his books are aimed at an age range of 9-15.
Most famous adult book is The House of Silk - Sherlock Holmes.
Uses a lot of wit and humour in his writing
Nick Simple
narrates the story.
He is 13 and lives with his older brother Herbert.
He is exceptionally smart for his age.
Ran away from his parents at London Heathrow to avoid moving to Australia with his parents.
Herbet Simple:
the older brother of Nick is very irresponsibly and embarrassingly dim witted. EG. he managed to burn down the police station in his first week of service.
Very poor and can hardly afford to look after Nick.
To afford for Nick to live In London the brothers established a detective agency called 'Tim Diamond'. This is were the name the Diamond bothers came from.
Held in a room a floor down from their apartment in an unkept office
Very unsuccessful hardly any buiness
What happened?
Johnny Naples, a dwarf enters the office and pays the brothers to look after a package which later is discovered to be a box of maltesers for a large sum of money.
Herbert quickly accepts the job needing the money. Nick is weary about the whole situation.
They used some of the money to go to the cinema and return to find that the flat was broken into.
Nick had cleverly brought the maltesers to the cinema
The next morning they discover a note from the fat man - a criminal master mind - to meet him at Trafalgar Square
Nick denies having anything to do with Maltesers
Fat man gives the brothers two days to retrieve the maltesers for him
By doing this Nick is getting involved in something he has know idea about.

There are many events during the story and each one gives more clues
Nick - a thirteen-year-old boy out smarts the best criminals in England.
Setting and Genre
Based in London
Current era
Realistic locations such as Trafalgar Square
Moral of the story
Deceit and consequences
Telling the truth
Trying to resolve an issue by talking about it
Techniques used by Horowitz
Intelligent humor and wit

The Maltese Falcon is a written by Dashiell Hammett; Horowitz has adapted its title to become The Falcon's Malteser.
Another example of Horowitz's humor: 'Weirnotta Mews'. This is word play on the famous saying by Queen Victoria 'We are not amused'
Using Nick as the narrator
More person emotions - first person
Especially what Nick thinks about his brother but doesnt give away through speech
EG. Quote

Imaginative - makes the reader think outside the box
Bizarre scenarios
Descriptive --> in particularly character description
Research - Horowitz uses real places and shops in London Eg. John Lewis
Wit and irony
Some humor is complicated and hard to grasp
To many characters
Complex story lin
Alex Matthews
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