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Why Germans came to the U.S.A

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Hunter Glockzin

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Why Germans came to the U.S.A

Opportunities in the U.S.A for Germans
Germans had businesses like The Lager Beer Industry
Harsh realities of being an immigrant in the U.S.A
The National Origins Act in 1921 not only restricted the number of immigrants who might enter the U.S.A but also assigned slots according to quotas based on national origins.
They traveled here on steam boats and steam trains.
Why Germans came to the U.S.A
Most Germans came to the United States seeking economic opportunities or religious and political freedom.
Also their country was being attacked by armies and being constantly robbed while their villages were being burnt down.
They also moved from population growth.
They also wanted to find an easier life in other European countries.
How Germans traveled to the U.S.A and where they entered the U.S.A
Most Germans lived on the country side.
Large numbers of Germans could be found in the Midwest and in Texas
Some Germans went to the west coast like California
German entrepreneurs had businesses like Bakery's, Cigar Shops, and Machinery shops.
German women worked as Bakers, Hotel keepers, Janitors, and Nurses
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