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Early Harvest by Bienvenido Santos

Group presentation for Hum16.

Jianel Paduada

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Early Harvest by Bienvenido Santos

About the Author Japan invades the Philippines Question 1: Question 2: Question 4: Characters Japanese Soldiers- they were called as "Japs" and "beasts" that were in men's clothing.

Selmo- a boy who is scared of the Japs and often dream about them chasing him. He don't understand everything but he knows the truth that the Japanese soldiers were invading them and taking away the smiles villagers once worn.

Selmo’s father- he believes that there is still hope that they can live normally again.

Selmo’s mother- Cario and Selmo’s mother who always prepare food for them and attend to their needs, and one of those women who always pray.Cario- Selmo’s brother. He has a wife and a son but he’s not always present because he is the ‘leader of men’. He needs to lead them to fight against the ‘beasts’.

Maid-she always giggle and Selmo thinks that she is crazy. Bienvenido Santos Early Harvest Identify the narrator of the story. How old is he? Why did the author make him the narrator of the story?
> The narrator of the story is Selmo. His age may range 16 to 20 years old. The author makes him the narrator because he is the eye-witness who gives the reader a close-up of incidents. At what point in the Philippine History did the story happen? Is the situation in the story similar to or different from that of the other rural areas in the Philippines where the story took place? In what way?
> The story happened way back in December 1941 during the invasion of Japanese in our country. It is similar from the other rural areas in the Philippines because the Japanese did not invade the Bicol or their place only but also the whole Philippines. Give the meaning of “Early Harvest.” Why is the story entitled such?

> The story is entitled “Early Harvest” because there is an instance in the story where they harvest their fields earlier than the date they have said to the Japs. PLOT Bienvenido Santos > a short story writer, novelist, poet, and teacher
> he was conferred the title "Doctor of Humane Letters honoris causa" by the University of the Philippines, De La Salle University and the University of Nueva Caceres.
> received the SEAwrite Award in 1987 and was De La Salle University's artist-in-residence in 1986. Characters Nonoy- son of Nena and Cario
Nena- wife of Cario who cries a lot, weeping for her lost husband.
Maid-she always giggle and Selmo thinks that she is crazy.
Marta- Elder sister of Bundio. She came with her family one night at Selmo’s house.
Bundio- younger brother of Marta
Tiong Matias- father of Marta and Bundio who held the torch as they take the trail to Selmo’s house.

Father Julian- an American priest who serves as the peoples messenger of faith. He shares them wisdom and encourage them in time of difficulties.
Celo- a father of a child who consult father Julian because his son is not well.
Cardo- son of Celo who sadly died and was prayed by father Julian. CONFLICT Theme Question 3: Would the story have been more effective if it had been told from the point of view of another character? Why or why not?

> No, because if it were Cario who narrates the story it would be irrelevant from the title of the story because Cario was on the battle with the Japs and he’s not always on their home to witness everything that is happening about their fields and everything. If it was their father it would not give that much of an impact since he’s old and he became quiet since his son Cario became the “Leader of the men”. It goes as well on the other characters. Selmo has that personality or characteristic on him that gives the readers a great impact on them. End of Presentation.. Group Members:

Paduada | Pura | Yang Father Julian says.. "My brother, you are God's suffering people. You have not complained, and you have smiled in the face of disaster. It shall not always be this way. Once more you will walk the earth with glad faces and music in your stride, and this green earth will be truly yours, the green things growing, the fertile field and the bountiful crops. Meanwhile you keep suffering in silence. You have endured privation in your great faith for better things to come. It is coming. I have lived among you; I am now one of.." "you. Greater love I have not seen elsewhere. In your great need you have not forgotten God, you had not turned your weary head away from the stranger, lost in your midst. I have seen your part with the little you had and go hungry thereby, but you have shared with your neighbor. I have walked among you, and wherever I went, you gave me food to eat and you had little to eat yourselves. You protect me from the enemy at the risk of your life, and you ask nothing in return. I wish I were more worthy of such loyalty, such love, but God in His kindness will reward you soon."
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