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Chris Banks, "The Gift"

No description

Little Artemis

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Chris Banks, "The Gift"

After the accident, the hospital
they brought me aching home
mouth pumped up like a tyre
black stitches tracking the wound
over my lip, the red slit signalling
the broken place. And my son
my tall, cool son of sixteen
kissed the top of my head
and over the curve of my shoulder
laid his arm, like the broad wing
of a mother bird guarding its young.

The Gift

The poem is freeverse, without indentations, or any rhyme schemes.

Her son really cares about her
The speaker is grateful towards her son.
"pain bleed into tenderness"
There is a contrast of pain and love. The speakers uses the word "bleed" to show the painful change in blood and becoming into a source of comfort.
The speaker talks about her son giving her comfort after an accident and she feels grateful for that, even though she is in pain.
Theme of the poem
"'lifeline into the heart of pain" gives the effect that
her heart is clutching on the line of life that tells that she is still able to identify the tenderness no matter what pain she is in.
Chris Banks, "The Gift"
Made by June 10Green
Born: 1970

Is a published poet.

"The Gift" is published in an analogy called "Days of Fire and Flood" ( published in 2005

Anyone who has known tenderness
thrown like a lifeline into the heart of pain
anyone who has known pain bleed into tenderness
knows how the power of the two combine.
And if I am a fool to give thanks
for pain as well as tenderness
and even if, as some would say
there are no accidents -

Still, I am grateful for the gift.
In the poem, the speaker describe her son as a source of comfort when she was going through bad times. She shows her love towards her son in the quote "my tall, cool son of sixteen kissed the top of my head". She uses the adjective "tall" and "cool" to show that she thinks of him as a great son. The age used is to emphasize how loving her son is at the age of sixteen as being sixteen is common for kids to rebel against their parents. The word "kissed" is a form a physical love, which the speaker phrases that her son is affectionate and is not embarrased to show physical love towards his mother.

"like the broad wing of a mother bird guarding its young."
There is a description of a son and her switching roles, where her son becomes the mother bird and she is the young where her mom feels protected.

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